Are Cell Phones The Major Cause Of Health Risks?

Are Cell Phones The Major Cause Of Health Risks?

Cell phones are the most common mode of communication throughout the world.The popularity of cell phones all over the world has expanded. Cellular phone has become popular because of the faster and easier interpersonal communication.

However there are several drawbacks of cell phones and even health risks, you should be aware of. When you buy a cell phone the vendor does not tell you the drawbacks but only explains the great advantages.So, after knowing the drawbacks and benefits you should review the safety issues, as well.

The main reason is radio waves emitted by cell phone handsets which our body absorbs. These radiations have a lite heating effect on living tissues likegenetic functions, activation of proteins and communication among the body cells which are affected due to absorption of radiation.

Let’s find out how risky and dangerous they are in actual. Here are some important reasons, why we should avoid the direct usage of cell phones. You can also find more information about cellphone health risks from DefenderShield.

Effect on the Blood-brain barrier: Radio waves emitted from the cell phones become a cause of  increase in the ability to permeate the blood brain barrier, inthis case microscopic bacteria may enter the constrict zone between the neural tissue and flow of blood.This change occurs due to microscopic heating.However,it is observed that it is a minimal issue and does not last long because when the radiation stops, functioning will be restored. So it will not cause of any type of major harm.

Cognitive Effects: long term exposure of radiation from cell phones affects human brain function, memory, level of thinking and performance.

Effects the unborn babies: Doctors generally do advice pregnant women to avoid the extra usage of mobile phones during pregnancy as it is observed that the emitted electromagnetic waves have an apposed effect on the unborn babies. As a result, these harmful electromagnetic waves affect the baby’s growth as well as their cognitive and behavioral changes.

Risk of cancer and tumors: some studies reported that the chances of cancer and brain tumor increases by the excessive usage of cell phones. Cell phone emits radiation in the form of radio frequency waves, if you are used to cell phone more than an hour in a day it might be increasing the risk of brain tumor.

Other problems: Besides these above explained risks there are also other issues which may be caused by excessive usage of cell phones. Road accidents have been on the peak ever, due to usage of mobile phones while driving. However, it is banned in various countries but there is no such rule for the pedestrians.There are also other disadvantages of cell phones especially for teenagers like if they use cell phones too much it will affecttheir eardrum and can make them fall in dizziness.

Though, if you own a cell phone you can resolve many issues and stay connected with your friends and family around the world but you also have to save yourself from the dangerous effects of cell phones radiation by adopting precautionary measures.

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