Armored Mercedes-Benz: When Safety Meets Luxury

There are a lot of cars that are used as a base for armored vehicles, but Mercedes-Benz would have to be the most popular one the market. As a luxury brand, Mercedes-Benz is famous for producing some of the most remarkable cars in the world, ranging from the sporty C-class to the extravagant S-class. A leading armored car manufacturer in Canada, Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing, took three of Mercedes-Benz’s latest models and turns it into a truly magnificent fortress on wheels.

Armored CLS

The Mercedes CLS is a truly beautiful car. It has a sloped roof and gorgeous design lines that will turn heads and grab attention. It is also a powerful car with its twin-turbo V8 producing 577bhp. The CLS comes equipped with a lot of safety features as standard, including the top-notch Distronic Plus Cruise Control, a system that allows the car to virtually drive itself in almost all situations.

Armored, the CLS is a beast nonetheless. The extra thick ballistic armor means the car can now withstand high-caliber rounds. Even with the extra layers of protection, the armored CLS is still light and nimble enough for everyday use.

The armored version is also equipped with top of the line bullet-resistant glass and Inkas’s signature run-flat tires for maximum protection. As a result, the car is not only very striking to look at, but also very safe to drive and be in.

Armored S600

For those of you who don’t want to make any compromise, the Mercedes-Benz S600 is the car to choose. The S600 has always been the pinnacle of automotive technology. It was the first car to have laser and radar guided cruise control, infrared lights, and many other features that are now found in high-end cars. The latest model is no exception; it features Mercedes-Benz’s latest in-car computer system that tracks over 180 parameters – both interior and exterior parameters – to ensure the best ride possible.

As an armored vehicle, the S600 is truly unbeatable. The massive engine living under the hood produces so much torque that it can accelerate to 60 MPH in under 4 seconds, even with the extra weight. The V12 engine is also one of the Mercedes’s finest, famous for being smooth and highly dependable.

Inkas gave the S600 all the right treatments for maximum security. You can expect unrivaled safety features being implemented to the S600, including the best possible bullet-resistant glass you can have today. The armored S600 also has a reinforced foot plates to protect anyone inside from explosive devices detonated under the car. The result is a superb blend between luxury and safety.

Your Own Armored Car

Inkas has been in the business of producing high quality armored cars for years. Their reputation speaks louder than any promotional materials you can possibly read. The company also has a very helpful executives; you can ask more questions about armored cars in general – or getting a car of your choice armored – by visiting the company’s website and heading over to the Contact Us page.

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