Aspects of a Bathroom Remodel

A home remodeling project goes a long way in helping your home have a new and fresh look, which is why many home owners remodel their homes on a regular basis. The remodeling can be done on the whole home or it can be in just one room of your home. The two most popular rooms to remodel are the kitchen and the bathroom. There are two choices to achieve a new space. Either an entire demo and remodel or by doing a simple refresh of the space also known as a partial remodel. The bathroom is on the top of the list for not only the most used room in the house but also one of the most remodeled rooms in the house. If you have been wondering how to approach a Bathroom Remodeling Project read on for some great ideas that will leave the bathroom looking great without losing its functionality.

Play around with the fixtures

The bathroom fixtures provide a perfect avenue for you to carry out a remodeling project. Buying fixtures such as sink faucets and shower heads of the same design will leave your bathroom well balanced and matched. The balance they bring will be the first thing anyone notes the moment they enter the bathroom. Matching fixtures are very popular as they bring out the décor well.
bathroom remodeling

Change the bathtub and shower

Most bathrooms have a bathtub or a shower and herein gives you another opportunity to remodel. A visit to the bathroom store will reveal various types of bathtubs based on design and size. If yours was a bit old and stained, you can invest in a new one with a new design and color to give your bathroom a new look. The shower can also be changed by adding a new shower surround in tile and installing one of the many types of showerheads available. Hand held showers are fast becoming a popular option and you can consider switching from the fixed shower heads.

Remodel the floor and walls

A complete bathroom remodeling project is never truly finished if the floor and walls remain untouched. The floor and wall are very effective when it comes to setting the bathroom décor theme. When remodeling the floor, you have the option of choosing vinyl, bamboo or tile flooring. If you want the natural beauty of a wood floor, consider choosing tile planks that look like wood floor planking. For safety reasons make sure any tile that is applied to the floor is rated correctly and is slip–proof. The floor becomes the main determinant of the bathroom décor theme but don’t forget the walls. Walls can be tiles to the ceiling, half way up the wall topped off with an accent tile, or painted in a complimentary color.

Work on the shower enclosure

You will hardly read an article describing how to remodel your bathroom and fail to come across the shower enclosure. The reason for this is that the enclosure is central and you can use it to give your bathroom a completely new look. Glass enclosures are perfect for both large and small sized bathrooms. The glass is transparent and allows light to pass through hence giving the illusion of more space. It is for this reason that glass shower enclosures are perfect for small sized bathrooms. Shower enclosures are also used define the space by becoming a clear divider in the room. Frameless panels of glass can be added to enclose the tub or shower and either trimmed with a coordinating metal to match the faucets or left plain for a more streamlined appearance. You can achieve more décor aspects by using a shower rod in a curved style to allow more room in the shower and picking a shower curtain that blends with the main décor or match the theme you choose. The curtain can be changed after every few months and your bathroom will always look new.
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