Automobile Magazine Names Corvette ‘Car of the Year’

The car of the year, according to Automobile Magazine is the new 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. There are quite a few reasons why the well-known sports car company got the nod. For one thing, it is much more powerful than the previous model and it gets better gas mileage as well. The car has a 6.2 liter V8 under the hood and can pull as much as four hundred and sixty horses. But the amazing thing is, even with all of that power, the Corvette is still able to get nearly 30 miles per gallon on the highway.

The magazine called the Corvette an “all-American package.” Jean Jennings, the editor-in-chief for Auto Magazine pointed out the things that make the Corvette top the list. Those things included the Corvette’s performance of course, as well as the design of the vehicle, the quality of the vehicle that the manufacturer has put on the market and the comfort of driving one. The new Corvette apparently brought some excitement out within Automobile Magazine, which is one of the criteria they use to determine the car of the year. “The automobile of the year has to set a standard,”Jennings said.

corvetteThe Corvette has suffered for a long time from the misconception (although not wholly undeserved some years) that the car is just for those who want a flashy sports car, not necessarily for someone who wants a maximum performance vehicle, and certainly, the Corvette would not have been one of the cars that you’d think of when you said great fuel economy. However, this year, the Corvette 2014 seems to be delivering just that, and the car company has rolled out some new features for this latest model that mark some major departures from years past.

The interior of the new Corvette is markedly different from the past. It is extremely high quality and a much nicer design that the model before it, and it just feels like a sports car. As far as driving the car goes, it is intuitive and seems to respond to just a touch. It is faster and has a better balance. The Corvette had to be much different than the previous model in order to win this award, because it is in the criteria for it. The new Corvette is just one of GM’s car to win an award this month. The Cadillac CTS is motor trend’s new car of the year.

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