Awkward Angles Are Defeated With Enlightened Wet Room Design

How about a totally watertight room with a shower, decorated in a contemporary fashion with freedom to splash?
Wet room designs do vary in enormous ways, containing shower trays and screens, yet many are free from any kind of cubicle, obstacle or enclosure. Rather, they are openly spacious as one great wet room, totally watertight all around.
The wet room advantage that comes with no tray or enclosure is that in this form it can be shaped into any configuration that is desired, whether it is a small space, or even unusually shaped to fit the most awkward angles.

There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to a wet room, as there are no minimum or maximum sizes. This makes this phenomenon an ideal solution for formerly spaces that were unusable. They have been built in loft conversions and under stair cupboards, or even a specially designed room addition. Have a look at this website which is sure to make you go wow!

Why Would You Choose A Wet Room?

Not only are they very convenient, they are extremely easy to maintain and to keep clean. For people who have mobility problems they are perfect as they are for children. The value of a home can be increased by adding a wet room, even though it might be at the expense of a bath.
The design of a wet room can be as expansive or compact as you wish. A large bathroom can be turned into a wet room that is complete with a shower, toilet, and basin. If the bathroom is smaller, it might not be advisable as everything in the room such as towels and the toilet roll will be getting wet on a regular basis.
The redoing of an impractical section of a house is the main advantage of a wet room as it can compensate for a house where it is impossible to add a second bathroom. Instead of just attempting to cram all of the bathroom needs into a very cramped area, simply focus all of the components on a luxuriant wet room with a shower.

Time To Call In The Professionals

The construction of a totally watertight environment is the goal in making a wet room. In most cases, this will not be a do-it-yourself project, unless you are very adept at the building trades.
The tiles, both floor and wall, must be grouted properly, yet even that will not make them totally watertight. There must be a tanking system, or a system to catch excess water, installed beneath them. There are several methods available to accomplish this. A membrane can be laid down that covers both the walls and the floor that provides a solid layer that is water resistant. A sunken tray that is hidden and can be tiled and sealed is another solution.
This is why a professional contractor will need to be used to perform this operation, as the floor needs to be installed so that there is a gradual grade to the drain so the water will drain. There must be adequate ventilation to inhibit mold and mildew, and this is provided by extractor fans.
Designs For Stylish Contemporary Wet Rooms
The fact that a typical wet room has an open and streamlined plan design, it naturally has a very contemporary feel to it. Keep this in mind as you plan the design of the tiles on the floor and walls. A good job in the tiling area can make or break the overall design and feel of the room. Don ‘t overwhelm with too much all over. You might have one wall with a design or a mural, and the remaining areas more subtle in the design.
The wide variety of tiles from which to choose include porcelain, ceramic and even glass tiles. A professional designer can create very stylish motifs such as a Mediterranean look with mosaic tiles and perhaps a mural of a Grecian temple. The tiles need to be resistant to slips as well as looking good.
To add a touch of elegance and solidarity, include natural stone in the design of borders and edges. It will add a feel of security and gives a solid grip if added to the floor. The use of tiles throughout the entire area of the wet room and are essential for any wet room design.

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