Bag Filter Housing and Its Advantages To The Owner

Bag Filter Housing and Its Advantages To The OwnerThe problem of finding the right filter system for your housing is a quite complicated process involving a great deal of consideration. Apart from just removing the unnecessary dirt and other undesirable solid particles from the water flow it is supposed to correspond to a range of other requirements your housing and lifestyle might imply.

Before acquiring and implementing the filtration system you have to investigate carefully its benefits and drawbacks. For instance, think if the filter installation cost balances and matches adequately the potential cost of its maintenance as well as if the type of the filter housing you choose enables permanent or interrupted way of usage, and consider the waste disposal expenses too. These are not all the factors an individual should pay attention to when choosing the filter system for any purpose and dwelling. To ease this tricky process and prevent you from disappointing pitfalls, let’s consider the pros and cons of one of the most widespread types of filter housing – the single and multi-bag filter types.

Initially, this type of equipment is designed for any type of liquid purification. The principle of multi-bag filter work is the following: dirty unfiltered fluid enters the filter housing and is evenly spread among several inner bags where it is purified. This system allows filtering pretty big volumes of liquids simultaneously. It is created in order to easily cope with high flow levels up to 2000m3 per hour, and almost microscopic dirt. These multi-bag filter housing is equipped with filter cartridge screens preventing infiltration of really subtle inclusions and even suspense dirt during pretty long period of exploitation. So the multi bag filter if a durable system combining low filtrating resistance rates with reasonably high levels of work capacity and efficiency. This fact can’t but please the owners taking into account its relatively low price.

The list of benefits the multi-bag filter provides its owner with also includes quite important fact – the system is very user and Eco-friendly, and involves rather cheap and what’s more significant low-cost maintenance. First of all, bag filter system doesn’t demand any cleaning. It can be adjusted to special characteristics of the operation place and therefore as a rule it can be easily reached in case of emergency or repair. Its operation involves possibility of breaks in work for fixing and parts replacement. Due to all these facts, bag filters can boast rather long life span even at maximum capacity levels. One more plus worth mentioning is connected with its size and shape, as you understand such filters tend to be relatively compact and highly ergonomic. Some models can even be mobile, provided with special trolleys letting you move it anywhere it is necessary at the moment.

Due to all the above mentioned advantages the single and multi-bag filter models are becoming more and more popular nowadays and used in absolutely different spheres of application starting with home use and up to industrial chemical processing.

Ed Malone with assistance of Willie Anderson from Pelmareng Engineering Ltd. about technical characteristics of Multi-Bag Filter Housing

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