Behaviour Management A Big Question

This is a topic that is quite sensitive all around the world. The question is how strict a teacher should be so that the student is well behaved. What are the standard that should be set, that helps both the teacher and the student? Something that doesn’t say that the teacher had crossed the line in the name of discipline and the student does not take the things lightly.

There are basic three rules that help in maintaining that balance. One is; the teacher should be capable enough to assert the authority in the classroom. Secondly, the teacher should try and build up a reputation with the class children, a relationship that will then help in bringing changes to the behaviour as and when required.

As a teacher it is the responsibility of hers or his that, the students behave properly. A teacher has a control can be seen from the facts. If she has a good relation with the student, only saying, ‘this is a warning for you’ will be enough to remind the student that if he or she does not listens to the teacher the result can be bad, as in punishment and nobody else but he or she as a student themselves is responsible for it.

Behaviour Management A Big Question

Another thing a school should look into is the punishment or any approach taken by them to teach the students to behave must be such that once, they had to face the situation they do not repeat the mistake again. The students should not take the approach lightly. It should be such that the student releases the mistake and remembers not to repeat the mistake again.

The school should consider in employing teachers that can be helpful in implementing good behaviour in the school. This can be done by choosing teachers that are smart, confident and competent enough to handle students’ behaviour in the classroom.

The teacher should have good physical presence, control over voice and art of scanning eye contact. The teacher should have the ability to sound cross but not angry. A good teacher will be able to pick up the hushes going around in the class and control it.

If the behaviour management is done on the class level, there will be no need to go for higher approaches so it is important for the school to select teachers that can teach and control at the same time.

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