Great Belated Valentine's Day Ideas

Great Belated Valentine’s Day Ideas

Did you forget Valentine’s Day for your loved one? Oh no…how will you get back into their good graces?

Below are a few sexy suggestions for a belated Valentine’s Day surprise for your partner if you forgot to celebrate on the day. Or maybe you’re just smart and know that the chocolates and teddy bears after cheaper after the 14th.

Great Belated Valentine's Day Ideas

Send flowers

Yes cliché but every girl loves it. Maybe just send a single rose a day for a week to let them know that you love them every day of the week. Much more thought than just sending red roses on the 14th.

Weekend getaway

Who cares if you forgot or purposely didn’t celebrate the much hyped about Valentine’s Day if you are planning to take her away for a weekend? Hey, two days beats one any day!

Candles, massage and pretty much being her slave

Yeah, no girl can stay annoyed when you pull out all this. Light some candles. Set some relaxing music, offer your services and she won’t remember those missing chocolates and ugly stuffed toy.

What about the boys?

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about a celebration of love. How come we don’t see many guys getting chocolates, massages and flowers? So what can you do to make your man feel special?

I don’t think guys really feel the need to receive flowers at work to make them feel special. In fact, they’ll probably be embarrassed. The probably would prefer something private and sexy.

Candles & massage…

Yeah, no guy would say no to this either. Especially, if you’re wearing sexy underwear while doing it. Most guys actually prefer an amateur massage from their girlfriend than from a professional. They get all awkward about these things…

Give him something to remember

Why not give him your used panties and as token of your appreciation? There are many guys who have a used panties fetish and actually buy them online. The market for this is so popular that many sites sell used panties. Don’t we just learn knew things every day!

Great Belated Valentine's Day Ideas

Treat him to a boy’s night

Nothing releases stress like having a boy’s night. Make him feel special by organizing all his mates and get them to come over for some beers, footy and video games.

Home cooked meal

If you want something more personal than his friends over to invade couples day. You could organize a date at home. A home cooked meal never goes wrong. Some candles and music will give it a romantic touch.

Those are just a few suggestions. You should put your own touch to it and make it a night you’ll both enjoy.

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