Belgaum - A Quaint, Old Place In The State Of Karnataka

Belgaum – A Quaint, Old Place In The State Of Karnataka

Belgaum is one of the oldest cities in India. Today, it is a significant part of the south Indian state of Karnataka and situated in the northwestern region of the state. It is a district headquarter and a strategically significant place as it is one of the chief airman training centres of Indian Air Force, a commando training and jungle warfare training centre of Indian Army. Besides, it is also a chief centre of education in the region as there are 8 engineering colleges, 5 medical colleges, and some dental colleges. Visvesvaraya Technological University or simply VTU, which is the largest technical education university in the state, is also situated here. The place is also noted for its unpolluted and unspoiled natural beauty. The little hamlet sits on the foothills of the Western Ghats. It is a place full of lush greenery and vegetation where meandering rivers pass through the hills, and lush thick forests make the scenic landscapes their home. Additionally, the place is also praised for its multi-colored culture. Its geographic location, close to the border separating Karnataka and Maharashtra, has led to a culture which is a melting pot of cultures from both the states. In addition to that, as the place is also close to Goa, its culture is also influenced by the well-known laid-back culture of Goa. The place is about 154 k.m. from Panaji, 500 k.m. from Mumbai, and 502 k.m. from Bangalore.

In terms of tourism, the place has long been a popular holidaying destination and offers a multitude of interesting tourist attractions and allures. Given below are some of the significant tourist attractions of the place:

Gokak Falls – Situated a few hours drive away from Belgaum, the Gokak Falls is one of the largest and the widest waterfalls in India. It is located on Ghataprabha River in the midst of thick jungles. It is 171 feet in height and 581 feet in width, and resembles the Niagara Falls, but in a small-scale. The water gushes down from the sandstone cliff and the noise can be heard from some distance. There is hanging bridge over the river. Additionally, the place is dotted with multiple remnants, temples, and monuments from the Chalukya era.

Belgaum - A Quaint, Old Place In The State Of Karnataka

Belgaum Fort – It is one of the most prominent sightseeing spots in the region. Although, majority of the structure is no longer present today, still a visit of the old ruins is an experience to remember for long. It belongs to the pre-Muslim era and was constructed by the rulers of Ratta Dynasty. It was further strengthened by the successive rulers of the place. At one point of time, the fort was consisted of temples, parapets, moat, battlements, bastions, and other beautiful buildings. But today, only the ruins are left. If you are a history buff, the place is simply a must-see!

Saundatti – It is a small town in close proximity to the centre of Belgaum. The place is known for its picture-perfect natural beauty, tranquility, old ruins, forts, and temples. It is also a chief pilgrimage in the region and houses a few of highly revered temples.

In a nutshell, home to some unique and interesting tourist attractions and allures, Belgaum is a town in Karnataka that offers a memorable holiday experience. Head to the place on your next vacation and explore it for real. Bangalore is a popular mode to access the place; hop on a Bangalore to Belgaum train and get into the stunning place.

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