Best Designer Tips To Boost Your Sales in 2020

Best Designer Tips To Boost Your Sales in 2020

Ultimately, it is all about boosting conversions for your website and business. As a smart marketer, you would know that good design can make or break your conversion rates. Most marketers harp on the importance of several marketing factors like creating lead magnets that can convert, social media, SEO, etc. While these are important, the significance of building an excellent website is often ignored. Several designer tips for your website can make it more than just a representative ‘pretty face’. In fact, well-laid web design can help you boost your sales.

According to research, it has been concluded that more than 40% of people agree that the design of a website is an important criterion to decide whether a particular brand is credible or not. Hence, your site must look professional. This is especially true for gaming sites, which run in an industry so big that competition is extremely fierce. Gaming is one of the primary drivers of the design world; hence companies’ sites always leverage existing technology.

Similar to designer tips for home decorating, the aesthetics of your website also plays a big role when it comes to your conversion rates. More people would prefer reading something that is written in a beautiful design, rather than something plain. Additionally, most people would leave your website altogether if they find it unattractive, which is a lot of lost leads.

This means that whether web designing is your forte or not, you cannot overlook it. To improve your website, employ a designer, hire a freelancer, or learn web design basics. Do whatever it takes to make your website leave a long-lasting impression on its visitors. Design & Web Development help transform your brand into a visual story.

What Does It Take To Make A Great First Impression?

Perhaps the most important page on your website is your homepage. While it might not be the first page that your customer lands when directed to your site, your homepage will be what your e-commerce company will be judged on. Like designer tips for choosing paint colors, if your site’s UX looks unprofessional and cluttered, customers who visit your site will think the same about your business. It has been identified that UX is the biggest shortfall.

If your customers visit your website and are not happy, they will not hesitate to visit your competitors’ site. Back in the day, brick-and-mortar businesses had proximity on their side. If the store is kept unclean and unpresentable, people will keep their distance. Similarly, if your online store does not present well, your visitors will disappear, likely forever.

The Best Designer Tips To Boost Your Sales In 2020

When you want to increase sales by improving the website’s overall design, you need to follow the tips mentioned here:

1.   The Value Proposition

A makeover of the website design will not make much difference if the value proposition offered to your customers is not persuasive enough for them to purchase the product/service. Hence, you first need to understand the value proposition if you want to increase your website’s sales. After this, you need to define and communicate properly to your clients. 

Depending on the type of business, the specifics of the value proposition will vary. You can base it according to the product/service innovativeness, quality of the product/service, price, or anything else. Whatever you choose, your customers need to understand it and get attracted to it.

2.   Add Compelling CTAs

CTA, or Call-To-Action, is one of the most important additions you need to have on your website. The importance of CTA is quite underestimated, as most sites do not have this feature on their site. There are many such designer tips and tricks; you need to ask yourself specific questions like:

  •       Is the CTA placed in a prominent position?
  •       Can the CTA text be more positive or interesting?
  •       Will changing the color of the CTA button make it stand out on the page more?

Best Designer Tips To Boost Your Sales in 2020

3.   Add Videos To Your Website

If you add videos on your website, it could increase sales. It has been studied that videos can increase conversion rates by 140% for some businesses. Hence, you must consider adding some videos on your website.

For instance, you can embed videos about your products and their benefits to your customer. Or, if your business offers services, the videos can explain the service and how it is different from your competition. The options are almost limitless.

4.   The Designs Should Appeal To Your Customers

You need to ensure that the website’s tone, color, and style look appealing to your target audience. For instance, flashy colors will not suit well for a business that offers professional services to other companies. This aspect might be challenging for you, as you will not be able to make decisions on colors and designs based on your likes and preferences. However, it would help if you understood that the site serves the customers, not you. With that being said, it is important that you prioritize your target audience and what they like.

5.   The Site Should Be Easy To Navigate And Use

The overall structure of the site and the navigation should be smooth, intuitive, and simple. Hence, the site mustn’t contain unwanted restrictions on visitors. Additionally, it would help if you also avoided ‘stops’ where your customer lands on a dead-end page. With the help of graphic designer tips and tricks, always try to create a logical flow for your audience.

6.   The Checkout Should Be Simple And Secure

When your customers visit your website, your shopping cart and checkout design elements will be very crucial. If you mess this aspect up, you will end up losing your sales. It is one of the many things every designer should know. If you want the right checkout process, you need to make it as simple as possible. Additionally, you must secure the payment gateway with SSL encryption so that the financial details about your customers remain safe and secure.

7.   Adding Trust Elements

If you want your customers to trust your website, you need to add trust elements. Trust elements are case studies and testimonials that will show your customers that you can efficiently deliver your products/services. You can also include tips for designer logos and badges from third-parties that display that your site has all the requirements or qualifications. These badges can also be used to show how well-made your website is and that the checkout process is secure.

Final Thoughts on Designer Tips

If you have a neatly-designed website, you will create a very welcoming impression with your audience. Almost 94% of the first impression relates to the overall design of your website. Apart from making a great impression, it will also determine how successful your company is when it comes to sales. Therefore, you must pay attention to these details and use as many design tips for business as possible. If you have any queries regarding this article, simply comment them down, and we will answer them promptly. Otherwise, just share your ideas!

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