Best ERP Software Of 2019 That Are Used By People For Managing The Business

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software helps out people to make the working of their business more efficiently. This software helps in managing all the different types of management processes in the business. Some of the top-best ERP software of 2019 are mentioned below as follows:


  1. This is a cloud-based ERP software that is used by people for managing their business. This ERP software ensures that your business achieves milestones in business.
  2. This ERP software helps in managing things properly. With the help of this ERP software, people can easily scale their business and focus on mission-critical operations.
  3. This is the ERP for the real estate industry and is rated on the top because of its features. This ERP software is given five out of five stars by its users. Therefore, people should use this software for making their business class.

Marg ERP+ 9 software:

  1. This is a software that provides complete ERP solutions for the sales, distribution and manufacturing business. This software helps the business to control the downstream supply chains.
  2. This software also helps the business to manage the chain networks. Marg ERP+ 9 is a cloud-based as well as web-based ERP software.
  3. This software also helps the business to manage customer relations and is rated on the top-list for Customer Relation Management.

Astral Manufacturing ERP:

  1. To track the materials, suppliers and production costs or to support the maintenance if relationships with an end to end customers, Astral Manufacturing ERP is the best software that can be used by the people.
  2. It helps your business with planning and executions of manufacturing the projects. This is the best ERP software of 2019 because of these above-mentioned features.
  3. This Astral Manufacturing ERP software is cloud-based only. It does work on an android phone or iPads.


  1. This is an ERP software that is used by people for all types of business. This ERP software is given five out of five for its features. This is the best ERP software for ERP for real estate company.
  2. This an ERP software that utilizes web-based technology. This is an ERP software that helps you to handle warehouse management, Inventory Management, Quality Management, Sales and Distribution, and CRM also.
  3. CAMS Exact ERP software is rated the best for managing the work of the real estate process.

Ray-Tech Manufacturing ERP:

  1. This is one of the best ERP software that is used by the people in the year 2019. This an ERP software which is fully a collection of tools.
  2. This is an ERP software which has numerous components and can easily be installed according to the needs of the person. Therefore, this is a system which provides free expandability to the whole system.

These above-mentioned are the best ERP software used by the people for making the functioning of their business proper and appropriate.


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