Best Surf Beaches In The World

Have you ever met anyone who would pass on the chance to hit the waves? Going for a surf gives you an opportunity to relax, to get in touch with the nature and ultimately have some fun. Not only that, but also the health and fitness benefits of surfing are undeniable – it can make you physically stronger and can definitely help you lose some weight. However, finding the best surfing spots is the tricky part.

Best Surf Beaches In The World

What makes a world-class surf spot anyway? Well great waves of course. So we are looking for an area with strong winds, the ones that last long are great in speed but cover a large area. If you are having problems remembering how a perfect wave for surf looks like here is a little reminder.

Many surfers have traveled around the globe in search for the best waves; here is a list of what they found to be the five best surfing spots in the world:

  1. Montanita Beach, Montanita, Ecuador

Montanita is located on the Ecuador’s Santa Elena peninsula. This surfing mecca boasts one of the most beautiful beaches on Ecuador’s south coast; it also has some of Latin America’s most challenging waves. During the calm summer months, it boasts strong and steady waves that can get high as four feet. Likewise, during the winter, waves as large as 7 feet have been recorded. With its excellent waves, Montanita Beach presents a challenge for beginners, while remaining tricky for the best surfers.

Best Surf Beaches In The World

  1. Rincon, Puerto Rico

Due to its position between two deep areas of water, Puerto Rico has the most dependable surf in the Caribbean. Rincon is located on the northwest corner of the island, southwest of the town Aguadilla near the college city of Mayaguez. There are tons of surfing spots in Rincon, and every corner of the coast creates a different wave. Marla’s Beach is probably the most known spot in Rincon. Located north of Marla’s Beach is Domes Beach – the site of the famous 1968 Surfing Championship that put Rincon on the map.

  1. White Beach, Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa is home of some of the most spectacular sandy beaches and some definitive reef breaks. White Beach is home to the only sandbars in the region. It is one of the best locations in the world for beginners and those who are looking to gain some surfing experience. After training, the surfers can move on to some of the nearby reefs, such as the Aha-Yoko, or the popular Suicide Cliffs.

  1. Les Cavaliers, Anglet, France

The Anglet is almost a synonym for surfing in France; in less than five miles, you will find some of the country’s best surfing spots – and Les Cavaliers is the best known. Its constant waves and world-class barrels that reach 8 feet even in August draw people all year round. The beach has two excellent peaks, and even though it can be crowded, the locals are very delicate and well mannered.

Best Surf Beaches In The World

  1. Black Beach, San Diego, California

Black Beach arguably has the best waves in the San Diego area, and they remain great all throughout the year. Black Beach is the perfect spot for surf veterans and pros, because it homes some of the strongest currents and most powerful brakes you will ever encounter if you ever decide to go there. Since it is one of the best sites on the United States mainland, it can be very crowded, especially on a Saturday morning.

  1. Superbank, Gold Coast, Australia

Probably the first choice of many Australian based surfers, Gold Coast is world famous for its Superbank break. This place is so captivating that every “average Joe” would consider pursuing a career of a pro surfer when he takes a look at this heaven on Earth. Giving the fact that all you need is a surf board to try out your luck perhaps that’s not such a bad thought after all. Take a look at  Natural Necessity’s selection.

Best Surf Beaches In The World

So there you have it, the best beaches in the whole world for all surfing enthusiasts. If you are planning on visiting any of the aforementioned heavens, bring a waterproof camera and share some pictures with us.

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