Best Tips For Sending Mail: Ideas For Delivering Your Mail As Fast As Possible

Best Tips For Sending Mail: Ideas For Delivering Your Mail As Fast As Possible

Before doing courier your valuables, it is very important to know some basic and necessary things regarding the process and all. At the time of sending the courier you should check all the details and address you mentioned. So here you will find some Best Tips for Sending Mail.

1. Proper Addressing

Write your mail address perfectly with complete address. Don’t forget to mention the postcode. Because the postcode helps in verifying the particular address through the Postcode Finder tool.

2. Return Address

Remember one thing that always write the return address on your letters and packets. So, whenever your local or international courier /packet or mail cannot be delivered for any problem then the parcel will return to you.

3. Cash and valuables

In some country, there are some rules and regulations for sending Cash and valuables through courier. For example: In UK. If you want to send money or valuables through the mail, within the UK you have to use Special Delivery Guaranteed™.

3. Correct Postage Paid

If you are from UK or you are sending the mail in UK, then kindly check the current tax charges/tariff. If you are sending the mail to overseas destinations, at that time also check the current tariff. Suppose you are doing parcel delivery to Netherlands, then if you won’t check the current tariff and pay the money below the rates then it can cause delays to delivery.

To know the current tariff, we suggest you that before sending courier, check tariffs online and compare the tariff then send your mail.

4. Know about Restricted and Prohibited items

When you are delivering your courier, then you must and should know which things can be couriered or which things can’t be.

Here are some restricted items which can’t be delivered that are:

  • Alcoholic beverages and liquids (24% ABV or less) that includes beer, lager, wine and champagne.
  • Batteries including D, C, 9V, AA, AAA and AAAA alkaline batteries, lithium metal/alloy, Batteries – wet non-spillable, lithium ion/polymer batteries contained in/connected to an electronic device.
  • Biological Substances (Category B) etc.

Here are some prohibited items which can’t be delivered that are:

Prohibited items include Clinical and medical waste, controlled drugs and narcotics, Dry ice, Environmental waste, flammable liquids and solids, frozen water, Gases etc.

Know the Packaging Materials

Packaging should be proper because it protects from damaging your valuables.

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