Best Way To Leverage Live Chat To Win More B2B Customers

Live chat has been dominating the industry as a customer service tool; it is possible to see it as a sales generating machine? What about other tools of customer support? Are they dead? Let have a quick glance at some facts and figures first.

Over half (56 percent) of candidates have used live chat tool once (at least) to answer a question asked on their company’s site.

Whereas 49 percent of candidates choose live chat for online shopping queries, and 74 percent prefer the audio calls for more technical financial issues.

Not considering the nature of the queries, 56 percent of candidates aged 18 to 34 choose live chat rather than phone as compared to 27 percent of candidates who aged around 35 and older.

Like their B2C counterpart, the B2B sales representatives and marketers have started to use live chat software for connecting with their customers and prospective clients, which results in boosted sales and heightened customer satisfaction.

Latterly, we have seen the B2C companies embracing the live chat. However, these days, this communication tool is now turned out as a B2B-oriented sales and marketing tool to enhance the productivity of customer acquisition activities.

Mentioned here some of the prime advantages of using Live Chat for B2B companies:

  • Better convenience by decreasing wait time
  • Providing solutions in the real-time
  • Increase average order value by 15 percent, according to Research by Virgin
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Improved conversion rates (Studies suggest up to 20%)
  • Increased sales
  • Reduced cart abandonment

Proactivity is key

According to a research conductedby Forrester, 44 percent of the customers buying theonline claim that having their questions answered by a live human is very important for a website.

What if your prospect visits your website to buy your product or services and he or she gets a human waiting to solve their queries on the spot? Here are some of the benefits you will most likely have:

  1. Firstly, live chat is easier to use for the customer, therefore being online and initiating a conversation with the buyer keeps them from skipping to your competitor’s website.
  2. Live chat can be a great help in steering your customers to the most suitable person when it comes to solving the technical issues. Also, many users can chat in a single conversation.
  3. It is also easy to get prospect’s contact information such as phone, email, and objective even before the conversation starts with alive chat. It helps the chat agents to provide custom help.
  4. Up-sell a customer and boost revenue instantly, or recommend other affordable choices to strengthen the trust and glue the customer for next purchases.
  5. There is no need to have a big sized Salesforce with live chat when it comes to qualifying leads. A goodtakeawayis that one agent can easily talk to multiple customers on chat at once.

To wrap up

Live chat is great; this does not mean you need to say goodbye to phone support just yet. Instead, you can use top Live Support chat software to improvise your customer services and ROI. When it comes to B2B, you cannot just rely on a single platform to satisfy and entertain all your customers’ needs.

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