Birthday Party Tips: From Party Rentals To E-vites

We probably have all been through that situation between deciding not to throw a party and really wanting to have one the very last minute. I mean, what is a birthday without a party, right? You may have thought about inviting just your closest friends assuming it will be a piece of cake. However, considering all the preparations you still need to do – the venue, the menu, drinks, the set-up, the invites, and all the party rentals – you become overwhelmed at how difficult it actually is to throw a last minute party. However, it is totally feasible. Given the right frame of mind, resourcefulness and enthusiasm, you can make it happen! Here are a few tips to get you started:

Birthday Party Tips: From Party Rentals To E-vites

  • 1.       Send out e-vites – You surely have gotten one of these. It’s one of those invitations you usually receive through email. Instead of having to go through the laborious process of designing, printing and mailing out invitations, you can just have one of these electronic invites (evites) done – you can actually do one yourself – and have them emailed to closest friends and family. Confirmation also comes easy as you can just give them a call or ask them to reply to your email as soon as they receive it.
  • 2.       Have an afternoon or evening affair – The complexity of the party planning and preparation depend on what time of the day you decide to have the party. If you plan on having an afternoon or evening party, you do not have to prepare as much food as  you will have to prepare in a morning affair. At these times of the day, your guests will naturally opt to eat less, so you can simply prepare some snacks or light finger foods and platters.
  • 3.       Leave the venue preparations to party rentals companies – It will be very difficult to think about how you will set up the place for a last minute party. What décor will you buy and who are going to help you put those up? Asking people for help can be challenging for an immediate gathering. Also, setting up tables and chairs is a tedious job you will have to last minute. So spare your remaining time to secure your guests and call the party professionals for these things.
  • 4.       Keep the china and do not worry about the table setup – You do not want to worry about complex table preparations for a last minute party. Party rental companies can help you set up the perfect table. Just let them know of your theme and your specific preferences and let them make the task easier for you.
  • Focus on what the party is about – Remember that you decided on going through with this party to have some fun, so  don’t stress out and be meticulous on every little detail. Keep it simple and relaxed and enjoy your company. No matter how simple your set-up is, they will appreciate it and  want  to have as much fun as possible. So let the party rental crew do it’s things, take a deep breath, and enjoy your time.

Party planning can actually be very pressing and stressful. However, having a party is about having fun and celebrating a very important moment in one’s life. Hence, last minute or not, do not make it too hard on yourself and focus on what the celebration is all about.

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