Blackberry Trying Its Best To Catch Up In Indian Market

Smartphones are a craze all over the world and India is no exception. The smartphone is catching on with everyone. 90 percent of the world’s population has smartphones. They are sold out in billions every month. Smartphones that are really doing well in the market are Samsung, iPhone by Apple, Sony and Micromax. The biggest amongst these all is the Samsung. It sold billion units of the new Galaxy Note 3 in just the first month of the launch. Blackeberry has a lot of catching to do with competitors as big as this one.


Blackberry one of the world’s leading mobile companies is trying to deepen its roots here in India. It is trying its level best to make a great stand against its competitors like the Samsung and Apple, as both of these companies are strong competitors in the Indian market. The managing director, Sunil Lalvani in an interview with ET has accepted that they are trying to contact the telecom key carriers to give attractive data plans along with the mobile sets.

Mr. Lalvani said there are plans of making cloud-based services for the small enterprises and companies so that they can use various connections and networks on monthly charges. Blackberry enterprise server 10 has been created so that it is able to work and manage mobile phones that are on Android, iOS, and Blackberry platforms. The company is trying to improve its platform at the best. Last year the turnout was just 2000clients but this year fortunately for them, the clients have touched the count of 1000 within the first 6 months proving the new BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 to be a better success than the previous version.

According to Lalvani, the sales of the Blackberry phones have increased by 10 percent than what it was a year ago. India is still amongst the top 10 in the market sales-list of Blackberry. Blackberry India is planning to up come with another strategy, it is thinking of launching advertisement on the messenger services provided by them. It has been earning profits already in all the three sectors i.e. is the mobile set sales, software sales and the service revenue. But still they have plans of earning more profits through the advertisement idea.

Now, the thing to see is that will Blackberry be able to catch pace with the other competitors with all the tricks or still leads behind.

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