Blockchain Mobile App Development: Key Advantages & Key Considerations for Developers

Blockchain Mobile App Development: Key Advantages & Key Considerations For Developers

Blockchain coming with a revolutionary distributed database technology first rose to popularity through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Soon Blockchain mobile app development will embrace by businesses across diverse niches and emerged as a breakthrough technology for many industries.

According to an IDC report, the end of the current year’s investment in Blockchain apps is likely to touch $9.7 billion. With continuous penetration across all industries, an increasing number of businesses are likely to jump on this bandwagon of decentralized data management through Blockchain.

Blockchain technology is high on the list of priorities across app projects when it comes to enterprise app development in India. Mobile apps particularly started to bring new approaches to app security, data management, authentication, remote control and data analytics through Blockchain.

How is Blockchain going to transform mobile app development? What are the key value propositions offered by Blockchain technology for mobile apps? We are going to answer these questions through this blog post.

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Complete Full Stop to Data Tampering 

Blockchain comes with a protocol not allowing changing any data since this decentralized database can only allow registering any changes as new data and the previous data. This helps to keep the total history of the data right from the original version to all the subsequent changes.

On the other hand, the decentralized database of Blockchain storing the data across many data nodes or data blocks helps keep several copies of the data. This ensures keeping the database intact irrespective of natural disasters or any other change.

Awesome Security to All Transactions 

When it comes to mobile transactions, Blockchain ensures unparalleled transparency. The completely disintegrated Blockchain database made accessible on a tremendously secure peer-to-peer network assures faster and fully transparent mobile transactions and payment processing without involving any security vulnerabilities.

No doubt, ease of making secure transactions made Blockchain embraced by so many apps made the database technology so popular. The cryptocurrencies powered by Blockchain made the technology so overwhelmingly popular.

Keyless Infrastructure (KSI)

Blockchain technology offers a decentralized and disintegrated data infrastructure involving many data blocks connected and syncing together to validate any user requests before delivering the right answer. This results in facilitating completely validated transactions.

The Blockchain Keyless Security Infrastructure (KSI) made cross-checking and validation of the decentralized database possible. Any user can use hashtags to get complete data protection ensured by cryptographic code.

Most Powerful Mobile Authentication 

Thanks to Blockchain, mobile apps can completely switch from traditional password-based authentication to smarter, fast-paced and hi-tech authentication. We all know the capabilities of modern bots in breaking through the traditional passwords and making apps vulnerable.

Blockchain-based user authentication ensures complete protection from all kinds of data tampering and data duplication issues. Cryptographic validation further protects the Blockchain app data.

Precise Data Monitoring and Tracking 

We all know the industry-defining role of mobile apps and how apps in every business niche play a crucial role in delivering data-driven insights. Blockchain database storing every piece of data within its connected blocks makes it extremely easier to track data in real-time. Thanks to Blockchain, a user can trace back the entire data records down to the minute details.

Just because Blockchain-powered apps ensure tracking data down to small details, a business can ensure optimum transparency. A business in a supply chain can trace back a product just instantly while keeping the entire database protected from fraudulent manoeuvres.

Do You Want to Develop a Blockchain-based Mobile App? Consider the Following Things.

Since Blockchain doesn’t allow changing and modifying any data and can only allow registering new data. The technology cannot put any app data to unwanted security vulnerabilities and data tampering efforts. Apart from ease of access and transparency, Blockchain-powered mobile apps can deal better with easy access to data through constant peer-to-peer network validation. Let us have a quick look at some of the key things to remember when building apps using Blockchain.

Understanding Apps Suitable for Blockchain

Blockchain technology boasting of a completely decentralized database is preferred now by all sorts of mobile apps. From financial apps to mobile banking apps to e-commerce apps, any app willing to take advantage of the decentralized database will find Blockchain tremendously helpful.

Obviously, not all apps can be perfect for using Blockchain technology. All the apps that deal with many diversified data will find the technology exceptionally useful and relevant. Several app niches perfectly fit this technology’s requirements, from e-wallet apps to stockbroker and investment apps to all kinds of travel and hotelier apps to property booking apps.

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Consider the Perfect Tech Stack 

Fintech is the right segment to where Blockchain-based cryptocurrency apps and other apps really belong to. All those booking and travel apps that are increasingly preferring Blockchain for their app projects also need transactional features that Blockchain technology can deal with better.

As for the tech stack, certain fintech-based programming languages like Python can be very useful. Some of the elementary programming language skills that Blockchain app development needs include C++, Java, Swift, Kotlin and JavaScript. On top of all these, expertise with certain Blockchain-specific development languages such as Solidity and Simplicity are also popular.

Build a Blockchain MVP 

Blockchain app development gets easier with constant user validation at every stage. This also allows incorporating changes and value additions from time to time as per the evolving project needs. In the app world, we call this app development approach a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Because of the MVP approach, you don’t need to do course correction often and get a solid footing on all development stages.


Lastly, let’s not forget that the revolution brought to mobile apps by Blockchain technology can only be taken advantage of by app projects through technical expertise and development experience. Always get onboard Blockchain app developers with years of experience and a solid exposure to the required tech stack.

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