Boost Sales By Smart Planning

The competition is as tough as ever. No matter how good your products or services are, you may still experience slow sales. Even outstanding product description and great reviews sometimes don’t help much to improve returns. There are many other faucets of successful selling than having an attractive presentation. Let’s explore what techniques you can use to boost your sales.

Boost Sales By Smart Planning

Consider Offering Various Price Ranges

The importance of offering both high-end and low-end products is the fact that people come into your store with different aims. You need to take care that the entire range of customers is covered. Of course, low-end products will make the bulk of your sales, with the higher priced items holding the highest margin. However there are certain pricing tricks that you can try. If, for example, you want to motivate customers to buy one of your products with the highest net margin, you need to price the rest of the items significantly higher and place them next to that particular item, so it appear as a total bargain.

Customer Optimization

Information that customers voluntarily give you are a treasure trove off opportunities that combine into ability to personalize the shopping experience for every customer. The possibilities we have today are the ones that sales managers and business owners could only dream a decade or two ago. With the widespread use of mobile devices and social media, customers have accustomed to sign up for accounts, giving their email addresses, full names, and even phone numbers. Retail web pages use cookies and surveys, gathering data on customers’ preferences and interests. Of course, any data collection that is to be used for retail purposes must be voluntary, with customers understanding that it serves to improve their shopping experience.

Boost Sales By Smart Planning

Video Campaigns

A truly marvelous way to boost your sales, a professionally executed video campaign allows customers to see a friendly face behind your company. In this way they naturally feel more connected to the brand and the product that is being targeted by the campaign. In order to make your video ROI positive on the campaign cost, you need to set its objectives. For example you can launch one this month for a new product that is to be released next month, or you can launch an educational campaign after the product has been released. Customers are more willing to purchase something if they have seen it in action. Still, even if you are not selling anything on your website, you can use videos to maintain a pool of regular followers.

Allow for Free Shipping

Establish a price line over which you are providing free shipping for the products purchased online. Customers will be calculating and often buy more than they intended to in order to save on shipping costs. The best strategy is to set the free shipping threshold at a price just above the average price of several of your most popular sale items. If the majority of your items cost $18, you can set the threshold at $100. More often than not, a customer will add one more item just to cross the free shipping line.

Boost Sales By Smart Planning

Cross Selling

In many scenarios, your customers don’t have time to browse through the entire store. You need to help them by displaying related items along the ones that are sold more successfully. Match similar items that your customers used to buy in the past with a new item that you are trying to launch. You can go even further by offering customers a discount if they purchase certain item combos.

The purpose of these sales boosting techniques is to make the customer happier ion knowing that they are taken care of, and giving them an opportunity of getting a great deal on the items they want, while increasing your returns at the same time.

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