BPM Service: A Cloud Application For Your Business

BPM Service is a system for professional service management, designed in accordance with the international standards of service practices. It provides industry-specific solutions and speeds up processes with minimal reliance on IT specialists.

Bpm’online also offers BPM Marketing and BPM Sales software for optimization of marketing processes and managing sales cycle. Now, sales, service and marketing are assembled on a single CRM platform. For more information, check https://www.bpmonline.com/crm-products

Key Advantages of BPM service

  • Built-in Processes

Built-in processes of BPM system are based on the most reliable practices proven over time for optimal performance.

  • Managing Multichannel Communications

All clients’ requests by email, phone, chats and social networks are managed in a single window.

  • User-friendly Interface and Usability

BPM service software provides for user-friendly interface in any device (laptops, tablet PCs, mobile phones). Users see only the data, which they need for a particular task. Any function and information can be found instantly.

BPM Service: A Cloud Application For Your Business

BPM Service Packages

The software is intended for mid-size businesses and large enterprises. Businessmen should take into account its supported devices, options and benefits. Bpm’online offers two service packages to its customers, which are the Customer Center and the Service Enterprise.

Customer Center is a suitable option for managing omnichannel communications and managing of customer service.  What are the features of BPM tools?

  • 360° customer view. It helps to create a single database for all customers including contacts details, profiles, service history and entire history of communication. CRM intelligent tool collects any information about a company from open sources including Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms. All customers may be divided into separate groups depending on industry, kinds of requests, special needs and any other parameters you prefer. BPM customer service searches for any possible duplicates and merges them.
  • Contact Center. Contact center organizes supervisor’s workplace, manages request queues via Agent home tool and works with queue management functions.
  • Service Catalogue. This BPM service option enables to regulate service processes and deadlines, as well as manage calendars and service categories.
  • Communication Panel. All messages by email, phone and social networks are aligned in one place. User can also analyze effectiveness of service staff and track the dynamics of communications.
  • Case Management unifies all cases from users’ partners and clients in one convenient section. The cases may be registered automatically.
  • Knowledge Management tool with a wide range of search options stores knowledge base articles.
  • Business Process Management is a full set of tools for automating and simplifying internal processes.
  • Synchronization and Integration. Data may be imported from and to Microsoft Exchange, Excel and Outlook. Contacts and tasks are synchronized hourly, daily or more frequently as the case may be.
  • System Designer. Users enjoy interface and mobile app customization, options of visual content designer and WebSSO support.

BPM Service: A Cloud Application For Your Business

Service Enterprise is a unified service center for mid-sized and large companies with extended functions and opportunities. Most functions mentioned above are the same, however, Service Enterprise has the following additional tools and functions:

  • Problem Management. Users can analyze problems, appoint agents to resolve them and find solutions. Detailed descriptions of problems and resolution history will help to eliminate problems in the future and improve BPM service. Analytics and errors database help to track malfunction services and make necessary changes in business processes.
  • Change Management. This option is necessary for planning changes and monitoring them. All changes requests are viewed on a single list and may be divided into separate categories together with deadlines. Any process is fully controlled: from implementation plan to assessment and analytics of the changes made.
  • Release Management. All matters related to releases are kept in one place. Moreover, the history of releases enables to gather all data and see any problems arising during release implementation.
  • Service Level Management. This section relates to service agreements entered into with a company’s customers. Managers and lawyers can define necessary parameters, set up a calendar and deadlines, set forth duration and material clauses of the agreements. Users store drafts and scanned copies of the agreements together with supplementary agreements, monitor terms and payments and store information about any problems and claims.
  • Configuration Management. Business process management software enables for storing the information related to licenses, hardware, software, components and other configuration items. The database also includes technical information, registration number, categories, type, current status, changes and history of CI.

For more detailed information, visit https://www.bpmonline.com/service

As business process management is being constantly updated, BPM presents its special Academy, a knowledge hub where customers can find video tutorials, documentation, trainings and tests (https://academy.bpmonline.com/).

Bpm’online carries out online trainings related to platform development, customization, administration, business processes and any other matters functioning. Users do practical tasks and cases like solving configuration tasks and starting processes from external applications.  BPM users can also assess their knowledge via self-assessment test for confirming their qualification level and subsequent certification.

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