Breaking The Homeschooling Stigma

Many people have a false conception of what the homeschooling experience is like. Here are four common stereotypes of home schooled youth and why they aren’t accurate:

Home Schooled Youth Get A Sub-Par Education

This stereotype isn’t true, and home schooled youth appear to get a better education than those in public school. In fact, home schooled youth tend to perform better on standardized tests than youth in public schools.

Breaking The Homeschooling Stigma

There are several aspects of the home schooling experience that foster academic success. One of them is that home schooled youth have access to one on one attention every day. Youth in public schools rarely have this opportunity.

In addition, home schooled youth usually experience fewer distractions during the school day. In public schools, there are constant distractions from both other students and mobile devices. These sorts of distractions aren’t part of the school day for home schooled youth.

Home schooled youth often have the ability to take field trips on a regular basis. This leads to many additional opportunities for learning. Some home schooled youth are even able to do their work somewhere new each day.

Home Schooled Youth Don’t Have The Opportunity To Socialize

This stereotype is typically far from accurate. In fact, many kids who are homeschooled have just as many opportunities to form social connections as students in public schools. In fact, there are numerous groups that are designed exclusively to give home schooled youth the opportunity to socialize.

Private Schools

There also are similar stereotypes about children who attend private schools, including montessori schools. However, these sorts of stereotypes are not accurate portrayals of private school education. In fact, students at private schools also tend to have high levels of academic achievement.

Home Schooled Youth Tend To Lack Discipline

Home schooled children do tend to learn on their own more than kids in public school, but this isn’t a bad thing. It has been shown that children often learn best without direct adult oversight. When children are homeschooled, adults generally take on a guiding role rather than a directing role. This encourages kids to enjoy learning rather than simply learning by rote memorization.

Home Schooling Is Almost Always Done For Religious Reasons

Many home schooled youth are homeschooled for religious reasons, but there are also many other reasons for homeschooling. One common reason for homeschooling is that some parents feel that the public school system doesn’t provide an adequate education, and they wish to provide their children with a better opportunity.

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