Breeds Of Fearful Dogs

Breeds Of Fearful Dogs

It is common to think that dogs bite. Some breeds of dogs are more likely to bite you than other breeds. People often, by mistake thought that violent and biting is huge and unsafe breeds like Rotter weilers, Dobermans, and Pit-bull Terriers. It will be a surprise to many people that smaller breeds are more frequently violent and aggressive than the breeds that are dangerous.

Here are given top ten breeds that are most aggressive

1 Dachshund

 In the current studies by experts who were occupied with studying the dog behavior, it has been found that the Dachshund is the most violent dog on the earth. Obviously, it will not inflict any grave damage irrespective of the bites it will give, but they hate strangers.

2 Chihuahua

This breed is smaller in size. In recent times this kind of dog has become a symbol of fashion and is not taken seriously. As Chihuahua becomes violent, many dogs cannot exceed its aggressive nature. It is possible that you would be bitten by Chihuahua as compared to Pit-bull.

3 Jack Russell Terrier

 This kind of breed is number third aggressive in the world as compared to Doberman and others. It is a type of toy dog. They are not ready to bear any kind of rough handling. They will pose tough fight. Hence, it is important to make sure that children are not allowed to hurt it.

4 Pekinese

It ranks number fourth in the line of aggressive dogs. Because of its small size, it is not able to intimidate people but can be violent and jealous. This kind of nature is intended for other dogs and strangers that visit your home. It is obstinate and very difficult to reform. It accepts only one person to be its master. It befriends one person and attaches to him only.

Breeds Of Fearful Dogs

5 Shar Pei

It is the rarest breeds found in China. Shar Pei has dominating and free kind of nature.  They want to be the masters of the family, so it is necessary to teach them who is the boss.

6 Chow Chow

Many people will be astonished to know that this breed of dog is number sixth in ranking and one among the aggressive dogs that are found the world. They represent China and are very pretty and beautiful fluffies.

7 Shiba Inu

It is useful in mountains for hunting purposes. It is an ancient breed found in Japan. This breed is reliable but shows the signs of independence as if it can do on its own. If it is socialized early, it becomes used to people.

8 Papillion

This kind of dog is attractive and fashionable that bites badly. Often children are a victim of its aggression because they irritate it and get bitten. The breed is very greedy and attacks strangers due to jealousy. It is small in size but aggressive.   

9 American Cocker Spaniel

This breed is brought up as hunting dogs for games usually on rough terrains. It is among most famous domestic breeds. It is a defender and has been put in this ranking because of rage syndrome.

10 Shih Tzu

It is dog found in China. This breed is brave, clever, and active. Their temperament requires to be restrained; otherwise, they would themselves take the role of leader.

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