Bright and Colorful: Eight Color Palette Ideas For Your Windows This Summer

Bright and Colorful: Eight Color Palette Ideas For Your Windows This Summer

It is time to enjoy summer! What better way to do that than to throw open our windows, and let the sunshine and warm breezes in? Let’s think color. Let’s think style, and let’s think fun! Here are a few great ways to spruce up those windows.

1. Country Lovin’

If you are more country folk at heart, than this look is for you. For a bolder country look, try the color combination of barn red, evergreen, and sunny yellow, adding a creamy beige or true white as a neutral to pull it all together. For more of a pastel color palette try these: blue-green, apple green, and white. Country themes are very popular for kitchen window coverings, often sporting a classic gingham pattern, or other country pattern.

2. Nautical

What says summer better than windows that are inspired by the ocean? If nautical is a look you love, than this is it for you. With ocean colors, obviously, you can’t go wrong with blue, whether it be light or dark, but think outside the box. Add in a sea foam green, a coral, a bright yellow, and lastly, a neutral to pull it all together. Add window sheers that will blow beautifully when the breeze comes in.

3. Classic Neutrals

If you like to change the look of your home on a regular basis, most interior designers would suggest that a neutral color palette is best. And in no way does this make you boring. Neutrals are beautiful, especially when you combine your neutral colors all together. For these window coverings, start with a dark base neutral like a khaki, throw in an off white, and also a light beige. All these will flow beautifully together.

4. Minimalist

If you are looking for a simple look for your windows, go with a roman shade in a color you love. Or perhaps wooden blinds. Sometimes less is more.

Bright and Colorful: Eight Color Palette Ideas For Your Windows This Summer

5. Bold Retro

Everything comes back in style again. Well, the seventies are back baby. Let your inner flower child loose and embrace colors like burnt orange, browns, creams, mustard yellow and pea green. Your parents will feel right at home.

6. Victorian

Victorian window coverings are ornate and beautiful, and the color choices are all over the color wheel. Pick which colors you like, and truly you will be able to find a pattern to match. For a Victorian look, think more accessories: tassels, fringe and texture. For summer, keep your fabric choices light.

7. Brights

Bright colors in the home put you in a happy mood, and are easy to match together.

Once a bright color is chosen, they all go! Try bright purple, pink, yellow, and white. Throw in a neutral to calm the look down, and to assure your guests you haven’t taken a trip down the hippy dippy trail. Brights can still be sophisticated and beautiful.

8. Black and White

The title says it all. You can’t go wrong with black and white. So many beautiful patterns are made with this classic color duo. Try patterned window panels with white sheers behind, or white blinds. The effect is dramatic.

I hope you are inspired to tackle your own decorating projects at home. These are just a few simple ideas you can make your own, or get creative yourself! There’s so many options on the market today that truly, if you can envision it, you can create it. Enjoy your new beautiful summer windows, and let the sunshine in.

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