Brutal Robbery Attempt In ATM – Woman Severely Injured

Where is the safety for human life? Robbery, murder and all illegal activities are becoming a threat to mankind. Government is sitting hand crossed, taking actions only after the brutal activities happen.

A 38 year old woman hacked brutally inside ATM in NR Square in Bangalore, the heart of Bangalore city, leaving her severely injured, police said. The woman was working as a manager at Corporation Bank.

Brutal Robbery Attempt In ATM

The woman entered the ATM in which no security guard was appointed, to withdraw cash when the assailant entered inside the ATM and put the shutters down. According to police, the assailant threatened her with weapon. When she resisted he attacked her with a machete. He hit her head several times and escaped leaving the victim unconscious. She was bleeding for three hours inside the ATM. Two school children saw blood stains and informed a policeman. The victim has been admitted to BGS hospital. She is undergoing treatment.

This brutal attack was done in the ATM which was located very near to the police station.

The police is investigating the case on the basis of CCTV footage from the ATM. Police Commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar, visited the victim. She is recovering fast, he said.

After the brutal attack, the Karnataka Government ordered to post security guards in the ATM in Bangalore within three days. Failure to do so will force the police to close ATM facilities in the city.

Under the leadership of home secretary S K Pattanayak a special committee would soon be formed to discuss and frame guidelines for safety measures at ATMs.

On the basis of the video captured by the cameras in the ATM, the Crime branch is looking forward to catch the culprit. As per the updated news, the officers have detained a criminal who belongs to Andhra Pradesh. The search for main accused is still in progress. He is also expected to be in the same state.

The man who is captured by the police said that he purchased a cell phone which actually belonged to the victim. The policed reached the person by tracing the cell phone. He is now under interrogation.

The Central Crime department claims to nab the main accused of the ATM case. As far as the victim is concerned, she has sustained severe head injury. Due to direct attack on the head and brain damage, she has undergone partial paralysis. According to the doctor’s, the complete recovery might take at least six months.

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