Buy a Used Tesla Car, the best value in the market

Tesla cars are the best electric cars in the market.  These cars make for fantastic used cars.  I spoke with the owners of, they list hundreds of used Tesla cars. Here is why they think used Tesla Cars are a great value.

1. Few moving parts:

Gas engines have hundreds of moving parts.  That’s why there are constant breakdowns and repairs.  Even new vehicles end up in the shop due to engine issues.

However, used Tesla cars have 75% fewer parts, and because of this, there is little chance of engine (motor) and drive train failure.  In fact, the Model S is almost 10 years old, and the feedback on the web from owners is that a used Tesla Model S has very few issues.

2. No annoying Gas Stops:

Since Tesla cars are electric, there is no need to pump gas. Majority of Tesla owners charge at home via the provided charging plug.  It can be charged with a standard 120-volt power supply or 240 volts for faster charging.

You can read more about charging a Tesla here.

3. No more Oil Changes:

Every 2-3 months most gas car owners have to visit their local oil change locations for routine oil changes.

These take 1-2 to finish and cost around $75 on average.  So in a year, its about $300 a year.

You can take that $300 and go on a mini-weekend getaway. Tesla cars don’t require any oil changes.

4. Used Tesla cars are cheap

A 2013 Model S that cost over $80,000 is found today for less than $35,000.  That’s a 6-year-old Model S for 60% savings!

That’s not all, used Tesla Roadster, that originally cost over $100,000, can now be found for about $65,000!. Plus these cars may end up a classics.  After all, it was technically the first electric production supercar.

If you are looking for a used Model X, we’ve seen 2016 Model X 75D with just 56,000 miles for $65,500.  This car was originally priced at $95,000.  The value of a used Tesla car or suv is amazing.

These cars will look good for years, they will perform and you will save money on gas for years!

You can find used Tesla cars on our site:

How to find a used Tesla?

First thing is to identify your need.  Here is what we recommend.

Model 3: compact car, great for individuals or small families.

Model S: full-size car, great for executives, sales, people, families and those that just want a bit more space

Model X: full-size SUV, great for families, those who like to travel and need the extra storage space

Tesla Models:

There is a bit of confusion about the various Tesla model #s.  Below is a general description of how to identify a used Tesla.

LETTERS BEFORE THE NUMBER: currently, the only letter before the numbers is “P”. The “P” stands for performance.

Tesla “P” cars have the best performance. They are the only one with “Ludicrous” mode. You know, the one that gets you from 0-60 mph in less than 2.5 seconds.

The upgrade does cost about $20,000 more. But anyone with that kind of extra cash and the desire to drive one of the fastest cars in the world can’t pass up this version.

NUMBERS: the numbers in the Tesla model define the range of the battery. 60 can travel the least distance and the 100 can travel the most.

LETTERS AFTER THE NUMBER: currently the only letter you’ll find after the numbers are “D”. The “D” for Tesla car stands for Dual Motor. Cars labeled “D” have a motor in the front and back. The front motor drives the front 2 wheels and the rear motor drives the back 2 wheels. This gives it an “All-wheel” drive capacity.

The performance gains from “D” equipped cars are huge: better driving performance, better take off and better acceleration.

Learn more

If you have more questions on buying a used Tesla, visit’s FAQ page:

Enjoy your used Tesla.

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