Buying Hand Dryers For The Office – Points To Consider

While there is still a way to go, chances are it will come a time when electric hand dryers comprehensively replace the use of paper towels and other such amenities in every office and workplace across the land. It has become common knowledge over recent years that automatic hand dryers are considerably more convenient, efficient and cost effective to run long term, while at the same time being exponentially more environmentally friendly than traditional paper towels.

When, however, the time comes to make the switch, what immediately becomes apparent is just how many different shapes, sizes, types and specifications of electric hand dryers there are to choose from on the market. What’s important to remember is that each type of dryer is manufactured with a specific set of needs in mind and of course a specific budget. But with so many different types of dryers on the market from a thousand and one different brands, it technically has never been easier to find the perfect dryers for any given office or business without any need for compromise.

Buying Hand Dryers For The Office – Points To Consider

So with this in mind, what follows is a quick overview of the five most important points to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect hand dryers for your office or business:

1 – Space Available

First of all, be realistic and practical when it comes to the amount of space you have available. While the vast majority of hand dryers these days are manufactured to a relatively similar size and shape, there are various different ways in which they are used/approached by the user. As such, not every type of hand dryer is suitable for every office washroom across the board, so it’s important to think about where exactly you plan to place your hand dryers in accordance with what space there is available. The very last thing you want is to find yourself in the possession of a shiny-new hand dryer which once installed is in fact too inconvenient to use.

2 – Location

Along with the space available for the dryer, it’s also a good idea to carefully consider the area in general in which the dryer will be located. For example, it’s no secret that certain hand dryers are considerably noisier than others and should for obvious reasons not be installed within 10 feet of a room that needs to be kept pretty much silent at all times. There are areas around the office where levels of noise are inconsequential and then there are areas where things really need to be kept as quite as possible at all times. In the case of the latter, there are plenty of quieter hand dryer models or alternative options on the market which can be just as effective as the hand dryers you would normally associate with a deafening din.

3 – Usage Rates

In terms of the quality and the capability of the models you choose, try to bear in mind that usage rates should be incorporated into your decision. The reason being that if you are looking to buy a dryer that will be used around 1,000 times a day and be in operation day and night, chances are you will need a considerably more capable and robust machine than one run in an office where the dryer may be used no more than a dozen times a day. As is the case with most things, certain hand dryers are built to perform on a much higher and more constant level than others, therefore it is a good idea to be aware of this when selecting the appropriate dryers for your own office.

4 – Energy Efficiency

Do be advised that while it can often be tempting to dive headfirst into what appears to be a bargain appliance on the surface, those with poor energy efficiency are pretty much guaranteed to result in excessive expense long-term. In fact, some of the highest priced units on the market can over time prove to be considerably more affordable investments than those with considerably lower purchase prices.

5 – Costs

Last but not least, it’s important to be realistic when it comes to costs as just as is the case across most other industries, there are enormous differences between the market’s highest rated brands and those closer to the barrel bottom. While there will always be exceptions, it tends to be true that you get what you pay for when it comes to hand dryer and products in general, so it’s a good idea to set a workable and realistic budget rather than simply picking up the cheapest units you can find.

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