Buying The Best Car Wax For Your Car

A protective sealant or polish is the heart of keeping your car looking perfectly new.  A sealant captures the shine and slows down the depreciation process.  The polish not only helps your car look beautiful, it also enables you to sell your car at a high after sale price.  To decide the best car wax, we tested a total of twenty four sealants, polishes and car waxes thoroughly.  However before you decide to buy the perfect car wax make sure to conduct enough research in the market regarding which car wax is the best.  It is not advisable that you buy bad wax and then repent later after putting in the long hours in applying it. Learning about the product you are buying is crucial to a satisfactory experience.

Key to Correctly Applying Car Wax

There is a proper way to apply car wax to ensure optimum results.  The key lies in proper preparation of the wax.  When you wash off the grime and winter dirt from the car and dry it, make sure to inspect the finish.  If you notice that the markings are present on the clear coat, you might require a color restorer to ensure that the paint shines through.  In case you want to get a better idea. Put your hands in a plastic bag and run it through the surface of the car. If you notice a sand paper finish to it, you might require to clay it to ensure long lasting protection.  Once you have decided the paint is ready to be applied, go ahead and carefully apply it.Your car definitely deserves a protective coat.

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Judging the Quality of the Best Wax

When the question come s to what wax to apply, you are always in confusion.   Determining what wax is best for a car is a difficult decision to make. We have made this simple for you. We tested 24 variants of car waxes that were applied on segregated sections of the bonnet.  We noted the ease of application.  In addition what are the contents of the pack?   However the key focus was durability. Over 6 weeks, we tested the car wax under grueling conditions in Wetness and snow. Then finally we decided the best car wax after factoring in price.

Process of Testing for the Best Wax

Polishing and waxing your own car is time consuming and a tedious job.  After all that effort, you might want that effort to last long.  After we had decided the major contenders for the title of victor, we applied them on a test bonnet after following each and every manufacturer’s instructions.  We noted how easy it was to decide the victor.  What we were looking for was the longevity of the wax stains after checking water beading over seven freezing wet weeks.  Then in addition to all that we decided to constantly wash the car regularly to find out which wax would be the longest lasting.  Price was also a deciding factor. The conclusion we came to was that hard waxes are more long lasting than soft wax.

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