Can The Value Of Love Be Calculated?

It is impossible to put a price on love, many would say it is priceless, but it is possible to put a price on a relationship. That is exactly what Rate Supermarket has done. They have looked at all the things that a couple pay for when they are in a relationship. They start at the cost of dates, weekends away and holidays as well as the engagement and marriage. They have used average figures and come up with a price of $43,842.08.
Of course in these times of economic difficulty, you may be interested in finding ways to save money rather than spend them, but do not let this put you off being in a relationship. There are financial advantages of being in a relationship too.
Remember that if you move in together, the cost of things will halve. You will be able to split bills and things like that and having two incomes instead of one will help savings to grow.
You also do not have to spend this much money. Some people just do not have that amount of money to spend. You can have a lot of fun with a partner without having to spend very much money. You can have a cut price engagement and wedding as well and you do not have to worry about the expense that much. It is worth considering that a wedding is making a commitment to each other, it does not have to be about spending a lot of money. It is possible to have a low cost wedding and still have a lot of fun and the same thing goes for your whole relationship.
It is important to make sure that you both agree about this matter though. You will not last long in your relationship if you disagree on how much money should be spent on things. You may find that your partner things that they are worth more money than what you are prepared to spend or they think that you should be spending less on things. It is important to make sure that you discuss this early on so that you do not waste time together.
It sounds a bit severe but money is such an important issue and the cause of many relationship break downs. This means that you need to work out very early on whether you agree on money matters or not, so that you know how compatible you are. It can be a taboo subject to discuss, rather like religion or politics, but unless it gets talked about, then you will never know each other’s viewpoint. It also does not need to end in a disagreement, just in each of you talking a turn in putting your opinion forward. This can lead to you each explaining your point of view and then discussing whether it could work together if you were to end up as a serious couple. It is better to get this discussed as soon as you can because a difference of opinion can be politely ignored early on but will lead to problems later on, so you need to be clear from the start.

Michelle is a finance enthusiast and loves writing on many subjects. She came across this article – which she highly vouches for; to people who want to save money in a relation.

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