Capabilities Of PDF Mac OCR

PDF converter pro for Mac with OCR is a breakthrough technology which provides you with several features not heard of before. Prime features of PDF OCR include conversion of PDF files to other files formats and preservation, making scanned documents reusable and editable, digitization of documents and encrypted conversion support.
PDF converter pro with OCR has the outstanding capability of recognizing the optical text from the scanned documents accurately and converting it into text based formats like word, excel, power point, Epub, HTML etc. not only it can convert the scanned PDF files to these text based formats, but also it preserves the originality of different elements like text, images, tables, columns, layouts, graphics and images in the converted document. Multi language support makes it even more powerful tool to handle documents in different languages. No matter what language the document is in, you can forget about the language and do the conversion normally.

Capabilities Of PDF Mac OCR

Often we have piles of documents we need to modify and send via email or use in a presentation. With PDF converter Pro OCR we can just scan the paper documents and convert the scanned document in some form of editable document format. Conversion of scanned documents into editable document is called digitization of documents. It saves tremendous amount of time needed to type all the text in computer from paper documents. You can modify the converted file as per your requirement and reuse it wherever you want to. Read more about OCR at
PDF converter pro for Mac with OCR can convert even the password protected files without any need to provide the password. Suppose you have a scanned PDF document that is password protected for editing and printing, you can convert that document using the PDF converter pro into another editable file format. Situation is different obviously with PDF files that need password for opening the file.
Scanned PDF eBooks have attracted the attention of a huge number of book lovers worldwide. You can convert the scanned PDF eBook with PDF convert pro with OCR into EPUB format and have real time e-reading experience just like reading a real book. This is because eBooks in EPUB format have the ability of self-adjustment according to the screen size of different electronic gadgets like iPads, iPhones, Sony Readers and iTouch. This capability of EPUB format decreases the hassle of scrolling right and left time and again and allows a smooth reading experience to the users.
Besides these fabulous technological features of PDF converter pro for Mac with OCR, simplicity and ease of use is an added advantage. There can hardly be an alternative to simplicity and ease of use when it comes to handling softwares. Conversion of multiple scanned PDF documents in PDF converter pro for Mac is as easy as dragging and dropping files on the interface of the software and clicking a few buttons. You can complete the conversion by following a few easy to do steps and start using the converted documents in the appropriate application.

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