Career Aptitude Test – Is It A Smart Choice For Students

Education has witnessed widespread changes in all these years. Gone are those days where education meant fetching degrees and then applying for public service jobs. With changing economy, jobs in the public sector have shrunk a lot and private sector has outsmarted the public domain in both payment as well as modernity. In these days, not all subjects or streams are as profitable considering the personality, nature and other traits of the concerned individual. The qualitative and quantitative perspective to education has also changed, rather a revolutionary change altogether. In this regard, guidance to students is urgently needed. At present one can see, there has been some sort of gap between demand of new fold careers and education which is imparted in schools and colleges. In this regard, nowadays, career aptitude tests have been considered absolutely ideal for students. Not only with regard to their future inclinations, but also to gauge their personality development and other traits which can play pivotal role in shaping their life for future life. However there are other theories also who believe that traditional studies are elegant enough to propel someone to a distinguished career. No doubt, educational psychologists now consider career aptitude test to be a scientific tool which can not only guide the students but also give a measurement of their improvement. In the following we will discuss the utilities of career aptitude tests and how it has become an indispensable one for students.

 Career Aptitude Test - Is It A Smart Choice For Students

  • Building personality profile: The importance of good personality is of paramount significance, especially in this era, where smartness is also another much needed treat. Often in school education, grooming doesn’t necessarily include such importance of growing or developing a personality. In Indian scenario, the regular classroom education gives more importance on theoretical education based on bookish knowledge. Thus the scope of building strong personality is not at all enhanced. In case the students opt for career aptitude tests, students can be motivated to build standard personality traits, so that by the time they are ready to apply for a job after college or university education, they will be groomed enough for any renowned public or private organization.

  • Building aptitude: Aptitude is another area, which differentiates one person from another. The aptitude of a person cannot be gauged from school level examinations as those examinations mostly test the ability of students in remembering particular facts or information or the capability in interrelating them to their level. Often it is seen, in spite of getting a job, employees are not performing well or it may be the case that they are not being able to update themselves to the market demand. Further revelations will definitely showcase that the concerned individual may not at all have any aptitude for the particular job or specific employability for the concerned domain. Thus it is important for students to shape their aptitudes, which can certainly be systematically done under the guidance of school teachers and parents. Thus career aptitude tests can be honest guide in grooming an individual with aptitude and right attitude.

  • Feasible and user friendly: There is also an existing trend of taking professional help from career counselors. But associated disadvantages are also with such a step. First and foremost, it may not be feasible, demand and economy wise to hire such a specialized person. Secondly, often individuals become too self centered while attending such sessions. In this regard, career aptitude tests are handy not only with measurable tests but also the online mode makes it much easier for present tech friendly generation of students comfortable with virtual mode of communication.

  • Personalized customized advice: Often it is not possible to give individual care to each of the students in class. Side by side, in a heterogeneous mixture of students in class, in stipulated time frame, students also do not have ample time or opportunity to clarify their doubts. These doubts not only include those with regard to regular subjective studies and normative and subjective evaluations, but also organized career planning. The knowledge and experience horizon of the teacher and mentor concerned may not be up to the mark or contemporary. In such a scenario, career aptitude tests can not only give individual marks, but also provide a scientific, logical way ahead for career wise development, depending on the skill set and aptitude of the individual concerned.

  • Clearing all sorts of confusion: Often students have a tendency to correlate the subjects which they have chosen for major or graduation in college and the career they want to pursue. Most individuals thus tend to rely on the subjective marks other than sharpening their strengths and taking particular care of the inherent weaknesses. Online Career aptitude tests can be extremely helpful to students, as they are non biased, having a methodical approach altogether along with absolute precision. 

Thus it can be clearly said, career aptitude tests are extremely helpful to all students irrespective what they want to achieve in their near future in their concerned careers of choice.

About the Author : Ranbir Bhattacharyya is a freelance writer for the last 5 years and have contributed for  Time of India (Kolkata, Response), Rosevalley 365 din and MyIndMakers. Did his graduation from ST Xavier’s College (Kolkata) and have a Post Graduate Diploma studies in Mass Communication from Jadavpur University. Ranbir is a social media enthusiast and always keen on writing and sharing his views. 

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