Career Choices For Women

Women of every age have a variety of careers they can go. Unlike old times, now there is nothing women can’t do. You can see women in almost every department like education, medical, business and even consultancy. Some careers like education have more women as compared to men. Education has given them the power to conquer the world with their abilities. Literally women have endless choices of careers but only if they are willing to take some risks.

Career Choices For Women

Although women have a number of choices but mostly they choose the one that is compatible with their situation. Unlike men, there are factors that affect the choice of career for women and it’s not that simple for them to choose what they love or what they are good at. Factors like

  • Age
  • Marital status
  • A religion she belongs to
  • Number of kids and family members she has to take care of
  • Available free time

These are the major factors that matter for a woman when she wants to choose a career. Except a few narrow minded or so-called religious families, people are aware of the importance of women’s education. Now parents send their girls to schools, colleges and even to universities for higher education along with their sons. Only because of education, women of the present time have more career options as compared to the old times. It’s not that common but women are getting business degrees also. They are participating in the economic growth of a country by working with men in big corporate firms.

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If we look around us, we find a lot of careers that are suitable for the women and as we are in the 21st century, here is a list of the best career lines a woman can adopt.


It is the best career line for a woman because it’s more flexible than any other field of work and it’s a lot easier as compared to other careers like medicine or business. In some countries like Pakistan and India, women feel more comfortable and secure while working in a school or college. That’s the reason that we find more women lecturers and professors in colleges and universities. Another reason for adopting an educational career is that it’s very easy to get a job suitable for teaching in a school or college. There are institutes that allow women to study at home and get a professional degree without regularly going to a university.


It’s like the second most favorite line of work for women. Unlike other careers, medicine needs a lot of study and requires more than enough time to prepare for the examination. Although it’s very tough to become a doctor but women are doing it too. Same a teacher, a doctor also has respect in a society and that’s the reason that women are choosing this career. Another advantage medicine has been, you can still work in a hospital even if you are not a doctor in the form of a nurse. Almost every society has a soft corner for the nurses that work in a hospital and help day and night to take care of people. That is the key reason that a woman wants to go into medicine.


It’s like the third and least preference of work for women. The reason is obvious that a lot of women are not allowed by their families to get a business degree and having no professional degree means no job in a professional organization. The second reason of the few women in business is that it’s a human nature that opposite genders can’t feel comfortable while working together. But regardless of that, more women are going into business firms as compared to a few years back.

These are some careers that a woman can adopt regardless of her age or marital status and all of these provide flexible duty hours so taking care of the family along with having job is very easy for a woman.

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