Cars For Modern Ladies

Cars For Modern Ladies

 If you are a modern, sophisticated, career driven lady, you need a car to suit your lifestyle. You need a stylish car with power that you can feel under your stiletto when you floor it. No more soccer mom SUV’s for you.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Beating the Volkswagen Beetle, the Tiguan is now the top car females buy more than males according to the LA Times.

Smaller than its closest counterpart the Touareg the, the Tiguan is a sizeable vehicle. With plenty of leg room and head space on the back seat, the car can take up to 3 adults on the back seat.

The car also has a decent sized boot for luggage or if you just raided a sale during your lunch hour.  The Tiguan also rates highly in terms of safety. The car received a 5 star rating by the NCAP euro. The car was crash tested and rated highly for adult and child protection. This in part due to the car having traction control and, also, is fitted with 6 airbags.

Volkswagen Beetle

Originally fitted with a flower vase on the dash, the VW beetle is the quintessential car for an edgy, modern lady.   While the Beetle may have ditched the flower vase it now comes with a three colour ambient lighting package.

The 400 premium Fender audio system will make you feel like you are at a club, minus the cigarette smoke and sweaty drunks in your personal space. The new Beetle also comes with a lot more head space to accommodate your beehive hairstyle if you happen to be a time traveller from the fifties.

Mini Cooper S

Described by many as cute, the Mini Cooper S is a little more than that. Upgraded to a 2.0 litre engine, the Mini is and will always be considered a sporty car. Available in coupe or four door versions, this mini is not the mini you grandfather drove.

Aside from the upgraded engine though, Mini has ensured that the new Mini S will be more fuel efficient and with fuel prices rising, that should be good news for any driver.

The Audi TT 2014

In a throwback to the original 1998 version of the Audi TT, Audi brings you their 2014 model. While flatter and wider than the original, Audi generally uses the same design for their current model.

Audi has advised that the four ringed logo will not be mounted on the grille like its predecessor but will be mounted in a similar manner to the Audi R8.

While there is no official word on the mechanics of the car, it is sure to have some major power under the bonnet as with all other Audi vehicles.

If you simply have to turn up in this at you next book club to make your frenemy Jill green with envy and you can’t wait until the release date , you can always purchase an original used Audi TT. While the car was released more than a decade ago, it will certainly have the desired effect when you run into Jill.

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Greg is a researcher and writer, and avid motorist. When he’s  not reading or writing about cars, he’s exploring local roads in his 4×4.

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