Catalyst, Search Engine Marketing Company, Plans For SES New York


Catalyst, a premier search engine marketing company, shared its plan for SES New York. It aims to have two speakers at the event, scheduled this week. The company will utilize two sessions, “Activating the Social-Search Dynamic” and “Facebook Graph Search and its Impact on Reputation Management, Privacy, Local Search and More” , of the event to discuss best practices and designs for social and search marketing. These sessions will take place at New York Marriott Marquis.
Catalyst was established in 1998 and possess an amazing reputation of providing brilliant search marketing solutions that allow Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 organizations to capture the market through search engine marketing. It is considered as the opinion leader in the field of internet marketing, and it will share all of its expertise and futuristic approach in the sessions at the SES New York; a conference dedicated to professionals of advertising and marketing.
The first session that will grab the attention participants in the SES New York is Activating Social Search Dynamic. It will try to clarify the relationship, which exists in the internet world, between the social life and the search.  Dan Cristo, Director of SEO Innovation in Catalyst, will take the lead in this session and would conduct it as the speaker. He will shed light, through his content, on the dimensions of social SEO that will make marketers understand what exactly social SEO is, how it functions and why it’s influential. A surprise element prepared by Dan Cristo is the detailed social SEO plan and tactics to implement it.
Cristo said, “SEO is a hot topic for digital marketers today. The brands that master it stand to gain a competitive advantage. However, many people are confused by it, and don’t know where to begin. I’d like to give marketers what they need most – an action plan that will help them evolve a traditional SEO strategy into a social SEO strategy. I plan to discuss the principles of social SEO, and cover specific tactics that will help brands capitalize on it. I have a feeling attendees will be taking lots of notes!”
Another session of Catalyst is on Facebook’s much talked about Graph Search and its influences on reputation management, local surfing, privacy and other related issues. So, get ready to dive into the details of Facebook graph search’s functionality and its implications. Here in this session, Catalyst has called upon Clayburn Griffin, Director of Organic search for Catalyst. He will conduct a very important session on the topic. Marketers can get to know about the audience who are using Facebook graph search and how this unique offer by Facebook can be utilized in terms of SEOs and brands. He also has a little presentation prepared for the techniques required to positively handle your reputation on the new search engine of Facebook.
As per Griffin, the search tool provided by Facebook is tremendous. As Facebook has the most personal data of consumers, marketers get an opportunity to view the world from the perspective of consumers. This chance can help them a lot on SEO and advertising. But of course, brands and companies need to develop optimization methodologies as they do it for Google and various search engines.
Brands need to realize that the world of search and social networks has collided and now it is time to think out of the box and make most of this collision, because it has a very strong scope of benefitting many brands enormously.

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