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Before anything else, you need to understand what Cydia is, and clearcydia will explain everything to you. Cydia is a free program for iOS devices, you can download directly on your iPhone or iPad. It was developed by Jay Freeman in 2008, to allow iPhone users to jailbreak their devices. The purpose of Cydia is to offer users free applications, games, themes, wallpapers and any other software.

Cydia was launched to counter the restrictive Apple Store, and to give users to possibility to customize their devices as they want, with free apps. However, it also includes premium apps. Cydia became extremely popular in the last years, and nowadays, more and more people want to get it.

If you don’t know how to jailbreak an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch; there’s no need to worry as there are tons of resources, guide, or instructions that you can find online for a step by step instruction. You just have to be careful though. You have to pay attention because no single version of an Apple device works quite the same way, so you need to be sure the jailbreaking process is for your specific device as well as the specific version of iOS that’s installed on it. There’s also tethered or untethered option. Whether it’s the first ever version of iPhone, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus; iPad, 2, 3rd generation, 4th generation, mini, mini 2, mini 3, air, air 2; iPod Touch of up to 5th generation; and whatever iOS it is running from; name it, there’s a way for you to jailbreak it. And rest assured the information you can find online are always updated.

If in case the process fails because you either made a mistake or your iOS device’s stars are not aligned at that time; again, there’s no need to worry. Although there are some people having difficulty but there is certainly no one who have ended up with a dead iPhone, iPad, or iTouch.If you’re stuck and cannot continue with the process, you can always restore your device.

On, after jailbreaking you can even add different resources or repos on your device so that you can find several sources to find various games, ringtones, tweaks, applications themes that provide you entertainment and enhance the operations of your device. You can add the Auxo on your device that consists of three features such as the Quick Switcher to quickly switch your applications, Multi-center for performing multi-tasking and Hot Corners for controlling the panels of your device.

You can use the Activator button to perform and customize operations on your device with the help of key commands. If you assign and customize key commands, then you can quickly perform any operation.  Your password can be protected in a safe way. The password can be deactivated when you are working with other applications such as listening to music and connected to Wi-Fi network.

You can still customize many aspects of your device by installing the Springtomize feature. You can customize your folders, pages, sliders, animations etc. By installing this feature, you can even access many large features of the device such as the Control Center or the Lock Screen. As it consists of Control System or Control Center, you can customize the appearance of the screen. It includes different types of tweaks such as Flipswitch, integration and you can choose several themes that are available. You can remove the limitations of the Lock Screen. This Control feature can be downloaded for free from Cydia.

Some tweaks that are compatible with the device can be installed from The Cydia tweak can be activated to stimulate the Home Button. You must be able to press the Home button easily. If you install a tiny bar, then you can view your notification only at the corner on top of the Display button. It will not appear suddenly and block your navigation bar.

If the battery suddenly runs low, then you can activate a feature that automatically switches off the device and it is known as a ‘safe battery system’. When you activate the ‘Folder Close’ system, then when the device is switched off, the folder that is open is also automatically shut down. Besides you can find control panels to connect the system to the controller through devices such as Bluetooth, and other support controllers.

The performs the additional function of customizing the status bar using the Protean Tweak. You can install various Cydia features for customization of Control Center and you can

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