Cloud Computing – A Game-Changer For The Video Game Industry

Why do adult people play video games? While some do it for fun, others want to escape the real world for just a couple of hours, break free and have a good time without having to worry about their daily problems. Through a gaming controller, users experience the most engaging form of entertainment. Although everything that happens in a video game is virtual, the decisions made by the gamers and the conversations they have with other players are 100% real. That’s because most of today’s video games are social, and cloud computing has had a fundamental role in making video games feel as factual as possible.

Episodic Video Gaming in 3D

Located in New York City, KUMA Games is a pioneer in episodic video gaming. They provide 3D experiences in weekly episodes to make sure that their fan base is maintained engaged. It’s something similar to “The Walking Dead” series, only bolder and better. Players can play the games for free (but they’re supported by ads), and because all of them are high-end, the company managed to gather 20 million fans.

As for the content, KUMA got its inspiration from today’s most recently release TV series, as well as from current pop culture events and news. The available games are meant for PCs, game consoles, and mobile devices. KUMA went through some serious scalability issues a couple of years back, when thousands had to play the games on a single server. The overwhelming focus on making use of its personal tech infrastructure destabilized the ability of the company to develop engaging and creative video games.

IBM and its Cloud-based Services

IBM’s data and cloud-based services recently made an entrance, and KUMA can now build the most groundbreaking video games. These would be supported by a cloud infrastructure, thus permitting the developers to come up with new levels of scalability, user interaction and performance. Cloud-based solutions allow KUMA Games to stay focused on their game creation; the services facilitate the development, and thus KUMA can now provide superior experiences. Players will be able to ‘plug-and-play’ without having to face any technical challenges. With the assistance of IBM’s cloud-based solutions, KUMA is able to deliver video games faster, thus accelerating the depiction on new in-game characters.

The Potential of Cloud Computing in the Gaming Industry

Cloud computing can change a lot of things in the gaming industry. It doesn’t just alter the way we play and purchase games, but also redefines the way publishers and developers operate their businesses. The gaming community doesn’t agree with what the cloud could mean for the potential of their industry, although they’re compelled to agree that it’s increasing in popularity.

Video Games Intelligence recently published a whitepaper where it said that one of the main challenging of the gaming industry is to understand “the cloud”. What would cloud gaming imply? Basically, 24/7 online streaming; players would no longer need to use physical hardware to play their favorite games. Even though this vision has not yet been implemented, there’s no doubt that the cloud is looking for new ways of displacing conventional gaming norms.

As players keep adopting tablets and smartphones, game developers have already started integrating second screens to boost the touch-point experience, and help the player interact more. Second screens offer a varied palette of game-related solutions, and their functionalities will expand even more in the future. They say with great technology comes great opportunity. Today’s most advanced developers are constantly trying to use the cloud to build multi-platform games with genuine cross-platform experiences. Is it too soon to assume that sometime in the future PC gamers will play their favorite games with console gamers?

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