Co-Citation and Co-Occurrence: A Theory or Reality for SEO

Google has never been constant when it comes to algorithms. In the last decade, Google changed a lot of technical stuff which has directly affected SEO. If we focus on precise incidents, then of course, we have great examples like keywords, anchor text and backlinking. These terms have always been synonymous to Search Engine Optimization. But, with Google’s ever changing system and policy, we have seen a drastic fluctuation in the importance of all the aforementioned terminologies. The change in policies and algorithms of Google can be considered as one of the factors that has retained its position.
If we recall a recent incident of Google’s popular Panda and Penguin updates, the concept of link building was entirely changed due to it. Needless to say, the change was for good and Google adopted more reliable techniques after Panda and Penguin. Like backlinking, the pundits of SEO are foreseeing decline in the importance of anchor text. Co- citation and co-occurrence seems to be the reason behind that, according to many SEO experts and professionals.
Co citation is a very strange concept to digest; it is actually link building but with no actual links. In anchor text, you put real links into words or phrases but co citation does not require that. In other words, co citation indicates resemblance between two pages grounded on a third party webpage that has mentioned the two pages in a way that links them. On the basis of this co citation, Google links the two websites and this proves as a key factor in ranking of various websites in Google search results.
Co-citation and co-occurrence have not been proven by any official source and since they remain a mystery now, even we do not know whether their concepts are clearly understood by SEO experts or not. There are conflicting opinions present in the SEO world regarding co-occurrence; some believe it to be same as co citation while others find it entirely different from it. We cannot be sure about anything right now, but there is no harm in exploring valued analysis of SEO professionals and gurus about co-occurrence.
Co-occurrence is not about associating two sites with each other. However, it is more about few phrases or important keywords that are found at two different websites. This relation between two websites is marked by Google as a defining search engine factor. But this does not mean few similarities will boost your search engine rankings. You can work on this aspect to keep your SEO strategy in right direction. If your website is linked with too many independent sources, then surely you can enjoy the free traffic on someone else’s expense.
Theory or Reality:
However, besides having few evidences, there is no solid proof of co-occurrence and co-citation, and their status is still known as “theory”.  When we look up to the professionals and experts, they are divided on this issue. Some find these concepts true while others completely deny them.

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