Coffee Rubbed Barbecue Dish

Coffee Rubbed Barbecue Dish

Let’s face it: A coffee-based rub on barbecued meat seems unconventional. The smell and taste of coffee is so distinctive, it’s hard to imagine it as an ingredient on your favorite barbeque dish. Thankfully though, coffee doesn’t dominate the flavor of this rub. Rather, the coffee intermingles with the rest of the ingredients, creating a deep, smoky and delicious taste. Barbeque lovers, don’t rule out coffee rubs until you read this recipe on preparing a coffee-rubbed smoked brisket. Don’t get scared off by the 7-hour cook time, either — it’s only one hour of hands on preparation!

This recipe is ideal for summer cookouts, family events, or special occasions. Your family and friends will never believe you made this recipe using coffee in the rub! Plus, since it takes more than a couple hours to cook, you can can hang out on your porch, talk with friends and relatives, or hang out poolside while you wait for your brisket to fully cook — just make sure you keep an eye on the grill! Additionally, it should be noted that this dish isn’t just limited to just summertime – it’s great to enjoy year-round. You’ll never need another smoked brisket recipe after this one. It always gets rave reviews, and it always tastes superb.

Coffee Rubbed Barbecue Dish

Coffee Rubbed Brisket


• 6 cups oak or hickory wood chips

•  1 tbs. ground coffee

•  1 tbs. kosher salt

•  1 tbs. dark brown sugar

•  2 tsp. smoked paprika

•  2 tsp. ancho chile powder

•  1 tsp. garlic powder

•  1 tsp. onion powder

•  1 tsp. ground cumin

•  1 tsp. freshly ground black pepper

•  1 (4 1/2-pound) flat-cut brisket (about 3 inches          thick)

Preparation  [Hands-on: 2 hour] [Total Time: 7 hours]

• Soak wood chips in water for 1 hour; drain.

• Combine coffee and remaining dry ingredients in bowl

• Pat Brisket dry

• Rub with coffee mixture

•  Take grill rack off grill; set to side

•  Set one side of grill to high heat; leave one side with no heat

•  Pierce bottom of disposable aluminum foil pan several times with knife

•  Place pan on heated side of grill; add 1½ cups wood chips to pan.

•  Place other aluminum pan on unheated side of grill (do not pierce pan); pour two cups water into pan

•  Let chips stand for 15 minutes or until smoking; reduce heat to medium-low; maintain 225-degree temperature.

•  Put rack back on grill

•  Place brisket in small roasting pan; place on unheated side of grill; close lid

•  Cook brisket six hours, or until thermometer registers 195 degrees F

•  Add 1½ cups wood chips each hour for first four hours; cover pan with foil for remaining two hours.

•  Remove brisket from grill and let stand, covered – 30 min.

•  Unwrap brisket; reserve juices; trim and discard unwanted fat

•  Place large zip-top plastic bag inside 4-cup measure; pour juices through sieve into bag; discard solids

•  Let juices stand 10 min. (fat will rise to top) seal bag; snip off corner of bag; drain drippings into bowl

•  Drain drippings into bowl; discard fat

•  Cut brisket along grain into thin slices; serve with juice

This recipe is always met with rave reviews — whether its for family, friends, or anyone else. Expect to be complimented on the intense flavor of the rub, as well as the meat’s juicy center. This dish melts in your mouth and is always well worth the wait. In fact, it’s even better the second day because the flavors are more infused into the brisket.

So next time you want to make a great meal and enjoy the weather, search no further! This coffee-rubbed brisket recipe is the answer.

Written by the staff of Lutz’s BBQ, where they serve up tasty BBQ and provide some of the best service for catering Columbia MO has to offer.

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