CompTIA Network+ Certification Exams

Certification Exams allow you to show off your expertise quickly and easily in a way that employers recognize. CompTIA certifications are known the world over for their accurate measure of knowledge and ability, and this certainly holds true when it comes to the CompTIA Network+ Certification. This is a certification that is a sign of a true professional.

CompTIA Network+ Certification Exams

What Topics Are Covered On This Exam?

This N10-005 exam deals mainly with networks. It includes questions regarding their management, security, installation, configuration, and media and topologies. The end goal of this certification is to declare that the holder is a highly skilled networking professional.

What Jobs Can You Get With This Certification?

Many jobs can be acquired with the use of this certification. Some examples are help desk technician, network administrator, network installer, network technician, and IT cable installer. Many top companies like Xerox, Dell, Sharp, HP, and others either suggest or insist that networking technicians hold this certification.

Exam Details

It is always good to know the details of CompTIA Certification Exams long before you take them, so here they are. This N10-005 exam can have as many as 100 questions, and 90 minutes are provided to complete them all. To pass, test takers must achieve a score of at least 720 on a scale that ranges from 100 to 900. Anyone registering to take this exam should already possess CompTIA A+ certification and have approximately 9 months worth of real world networking experience. It is also noteworthy that the US Department of Defense goes so far as to recognize this certification.

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