Considering A Career In The Finance Industry? Read This First

The field of finance is one of the most highly competitive fields. A greater need for ethical professionals in this field has presented itself due to the rise in Global Investment Performance Standards.

A career in finance encompasses various niche positions. This industry is very multifaceted where various sub-industries make up for financial services. For a successful career, it has a lot to do with your personal skills and interests.

All industries offer financial job opportunities. Some of the top financial job opportunities involve the following.


Insurance is equitable compensation of a future risk to the insured party. A career in insurance mostly starts with you as an insurance agent. You can also start off as an actuary dealing with the computation of risks and premium rates.

Commercial Banking

All institutions, from very large entities to small and medium size individuals, depend on commercial banks. The services offered by these institutions include offering loans, providing accounts and foreign currency operations. A vast number of career options are available in this profession. Some of the positions include loan officers, bank tellers and managers heading various operations departments.

Financial Planning

Individuals normally find it very hard to manage their finances. A financial planner helps come up with a financial plan to insure financial stability. Financial planners can either work in global groups or provide their services through small local firms. The services offered include tax planning, debt reviews, estate planning and investment planning. Certified financial planners are the only ones recognized to practice legally.

Considering A Career In The Finance Industry? Read This First

Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists are individuals who work on deals that have the investor’s best interest at heart. These firms go through a multitude of pitches, from individuals to small businesses that seek funding. The venture capitalist then chooses the investment that seems most profitable and contacts an investor. Venture capitalists have a very tough and high risk job, but the returns are normally very huge once realized.

Public Accounting

The public accounts field is very broad and offers a vast number of opportunities. Public accountants provide various services including audit financial records, preparation of financial statements and income tax returns as well as offering consulting services. Public accountants normally work under firm partnerships. The most common global firm partnerships are also known as the Big Four. They include Deloitte, Ernest and Young, KPMG and Price Water House Coopers.

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance deals with various transactions that involve the raising of capital to create, acquire or grow a business. Corporate financiers are therefore individuals who carry out the above transactions. Corporate finance is a very complicated profession. For corporate financiers to be successful, they have to work hand in hand with a host of other financial professionals.

The best way for you as an individual to discover your perfect financial career niche is through intensive research. It is also important for you to consider your own personal attributes, skills and preferred work environment.

For example, if you like to be locked up in a room and work quietly with numbers, then you are best suited for public accounting.


Jenny Larson is a financial planner who has vast experience in tax planning, debt reviews and auditing of financial records. If you need to find out more on this topic, you can visit her site.

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