Cool Costume Party Themes For Next Halloween

Cool Costume Party Themes For Next Halloween

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays because it allows people to tap into their inner child and have some all-out fun. Regardless of age, nearly everyone loves getting dressed up in a crazy outfit and spending fun time with similarly dressed folk. But there are ways to make Halloween even more fun: A themed Halloween party can result in the best October 31st you’ve ever had. Having a great theme for a Halloween party allows you to see all of your friends’ interpretations of an idea and forces them to think outside of the box and get creative with their costumes. Of course, this can only happen if you have a good theme, so choosing wisely is important. Here are some cool costume party themes for your next Halloween party:

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a fabulous theme because there are so many outrageous characters, from the Mad Hatter to the White Rabbit to Alice herself. Any guest can make an outfit that perfectly suits their tastes. You’ll end up with a party full of all sorts of strange and colorful people, animals, and objects. There are few themes that are as eccentric as an Alice in Wonderland theme, so this is the perfect idea if you have quirky and creative friends who love to go all-out with their Halloween costumes.

Cool Costume Party Themes For Next Halloween


Having a kid-themed Halloween party can be truly hilarious if all of your guests are adults. Forcing grown-ups to dress up as famous children makes for a very humorous party. Tell your adult friends to dress like Justin Bieber or a high school cheerleader. All of your guests will have fun with this one.

Popular TV Shows

Having a Halloween party based on a popular television show can be a lot of fun, though you need to make sure it’s a popular enough show that all of your guests will know how to dress for it. Try Mad Men or Game of Thrones if you want to see some great costumes. When it’s done right, this can be a truly fantastic party theme.


If you want a little bit of an easier theme to make your party more inclusive, then a celebrity theme may be perfect for you. From Elvis to Abe Lincoln to Shirley Temple to Marilyn Monroe, your guests will have a blast dressing up as their favorite celebs. One of the best things about this theme is that your guests will be able to play to their strengths and thus have great costumes: most people have a celebrity lookalike or at least an outfit hidden in the closet that is perfect for some well-known name.

Haunted Creatures

Of course, it is Halloween, so you can’t go wrong with a haunted creatures party: vampires, zombies, mummies, ghouls, and all other dark creatures. Everyone loves dressing up as something spooky and scary at Halloween, so this is a theme that everyone will enjoy and have an outfit for.

With these themes, you should be able to throw a perfect party next Halloween. Then you’ll be able to enjoy all your friends in one place, showing off their unique take on one fabulous theme.

Reginald Clayton is a freelance writer based in Lansing, Michigan. Reginald recommends as a resource for your next exciting Halloween costume party.

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