Coping With A Flood

It can take moments for a sudden rain storm, a burst pipe or even a natural disaster to flood your property.  It can take months, or even years for you to recover.  Even if you have flood insurance you will be left devastated and, quite possibly, not knowing where to start.

There are two choices when it comes to the process of flood recovery, attempt to clear the mess yourself, or use a professional firm.  The obvious solution should be to pick up the phone and call them; they will instantly relieve much of the stress that you will be under.

Aside from getting yourself out of harm’s way there is usually very little you can do to prevent the damage caused by a flood; if you have time you may be able to lift boxes and even furniture to higher parts of the building, but often there will simply not be enough time to do this.  In fact, it is the personal possessions which will provide you with the most distress; a professional flood recovery team can easily pump the water out of your building.  Firms like Lemarg will also be able to dry most carpets and even remove any residual water to prevent mould growing; drying everything properly after the water has been removed is essential to ensure you are not overcome with mold and damp.

Their service starts with water extraction and moves onto the mould removal; but the most beneficial service they offer is their advice and support.  This will help to prevent you from feeling alone whilst dealing with this trauma.  The biggest issue after a flood is the personal items which have been damaged and are irreplaceable.  Whilst a professional firm cannot help you to replace these items, they can assist in removing the water and drying everything out, allowing you to salvage as much as possible.

Flood recovery should be completed by a professional firm as they have the equipment to complete the job properly and quickly; it may be difficult or even impossible for you to remove all the damp and the mold spores yourself; even months after the disaster.  However, the most important aspect will actually be the support offered by your family and friends.

Most disasters tend to bring people closer together and it is likely that those near your building will seek to help you, as you may need to help them if it has affected several properties or an even larger area.  You family and friends will be there to help you cope with the trauma of losing your sentimental items and move on with your life.  It may be a difficult process but it is essential to look to the future and devise a plan to help you cope should it ever happen again.

Floods can and do happen, your flood recovery plan should include the number of a good, local firm which is capable of dealing with floods.  It should also involve contacting your friends and allowing them to help you.  The mental healing can take much longer than the physical cure; it is essential to have the right support during this.

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