Copywriting For 2015 – How You Can Adapt To The New SEO Game

2014 saw radical changes in Search Engine optimisation. There were notable changes to Google’s ‘Panda’ algorithm which influences how the site indexes content, as well as changes to Local search. Think Big Online is among the few providers of search engine optimisation services which weren’t affected by these changes.

Here’s how SEO has changed in the last year, and how you can adapt your 2015 strategy to these changes.

Consumers are Spoiled for Choice

People using Google search for the last few years have evolved to expect a certain finesse in the kind of content they are served. Even if you are clearly pushing your brand to them, they want something in return for it.

 This is what they expect now:

No more keyword stuffing: Google doesn’t obsess about keyword matching and meta descriptions like it used. There are maybe 200 + factors that Google takes into consideration when ranking a webpage for search. At the heart of this is the need for a high quality user experience that combines the content and site design.

It’s not only Google you have to worry about

Bing search is slowly, but surely carving out a market for itself, and there is regularly news of its increased adoption.  Bing is also powering Facebook search. Just last year, the Mozilla Firefox browser also ended its relationship with Google, and instead offers Yahoo! search as a default option. In Russia, it uses Yandex Search and uses Baidu for China. Many SEO experts are of the belief that Bing, Yahoo, and a new player, DuckDuckGo are today important for a SEO copywriting strategy.

 No Spam

There are many ways Google categorizes spam, but you need to ensure you’re not being classified as spam. This is why the site prefers sites with “strong HTTPs encryption.”  Your site also needs to be updated to HTTPs.

How does Google consider a Site Spam?

Here are the signs of spam:

  • Bad editing and poor grammar structure
  • Too many banner ads and calls to action (“Click here!” popping up everywhere on your website)
  • Pointless, irrelevant images
  • Too many broken links

Timely Content

“Trending” is the most important word of 2015. No more can you rely on an editorial calendar made months in advance when timely content can generate more traffic. Google has come to consider social media traffic as an important barometer of relevance, and if your content does well on social media, it will also show up more often in results.

Infographics, Images and Video

The visual medium is incredibly important today and brands have started according due importance to it. It is at the heart of all social media, and also makes your web page much more exciting to look at. It also keeps people coming back for more. Video content also generates audiences from both social media and video sharing sites. For a constantly updated strategy in copywriting, Sydney businesses are coming to recognize the importance of Internet marketing consultants in Sydneyfor devising the hottest online campaigns, as seen at

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