Cruise Control: 5 Safest Cities For Driving

Whether you’re looking for a safe commute or scenic driving, you can find a city to suit your tastes somewhere in America. Allstate’s annual Best Drivers Report yields some valuable insights into how residents drive and where you can expect the safest roads.

Fort Collins, Colorado – For Mountain Views from the Highway

In 2014, Allstate named Fort Collins “America’s Safest Driving City” for the fourth time in a row. The study, now in its 10th year, has seen Fort Collins in the top 10 on every report. The average driver goes 14.2 years between accidents, and your likelihood of having an accident in the city is 29.6 percent below average.

Not only is driving in Fort Collins safe, it’s also a pleasure. Highway 287 serves as the beginning of a breathtaking trip northwest along this picturesque byway with soaring mountains in the backdrop and lush forests around you.

Brownsville, Texas – For Moderate Temperatures

Driver safety statistics for Brownsville are almost identical to Fort Collins, with an accident likelihood 29.5 percent below the national average and an average of 14.2 years between accidents. Brownsville’s weather ranks particularly high, contributing to a safe driving environment. Annual temperatures stay within a moderate range, typically falling between 51 and 94 degrees (F). Though the city sees light rain in the cold season and thunderstorms over the summer, snow is extremely unlikely in this climate, keeping the roads free of ice and other hazards.

Boise, Idaho – For Dry Roads and Beautiful Valleys

Drivers in Boise average 14 years between accidents, with an accident likelihood 28.4 percent below average. The city has a population density of 2,588 people per square mile, making it large enough to offer ample amenities, but small enough to avoid crushing traffic any time outside rush hour. Though Boise experiences all four seasons, the winters are mild. The dry climate sees little rain or snow, making for easy driving conditions.

If you’re after a drive that’s pretty as well as safe, Boise is one of the best places to live. The Boise National Forest offers several stunning options that meander through foothills, valleys, and forests along the Payette River.

Kansas City, Kansas – For a Safe Midwestern Haven

Kansas City jumped from 17th place on Allstate’s 2013 rankings to fourth in 2014. Your relative accident likelihood is 22.4 percent below average here, and drivers average 12.9 years between accidents. Though nearby neighbors rank similarly, with Kansas City, MO ranked 12, and Wichita ranked 16, Saint Louis, MO is much further down the list at 105.

Huntsville, Alabama – For Easy Commutes

Huntsville drivers average 12.6 years between accidents with an accident likelihood 20.3 percent below average. The city averages just three inches of snowfall a year, giving it favorable driving conditions for most of the year. The average commute time is below average at 18 minutes, compared to 25 for the United States overall.

For a safe commute and pleasurable experience on the road, these top cities have a lot to offer for residents and visitors alike. Hop in the car and start exploring.

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