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CVtoolWe’ve all heard of carrying out a gap analysis for a project that’s not performing well, or maybe swaying slightly off track, but a gap analysis on our CV? How is does that work?

Carrying out a gap analysis on your CV can help you reach your dream job and it’s incredibly simple. Although, the path set out by your analysis may not be so simple, but nothing worth having ever comes easy.

So, what do you need to know?

1.       Where are you now?

What is your current job roll, position, status and qualifications?

2.       Where do you want to be?

What job roll, position, and status do you want?

3.       What’s required to get there?

Do you need more experience, education, skills, knowledge?

When you’ve figured out where you are and where you want to be the next step is to figure out how you’re going to get there.

We’ve summed up the five key areas to help you ‘fill the gap’ and get you to your dream destination.

Filling the gap – what’s required to get you there?

#1 Work Experience

You could have all the required knowledge for your dream position but more often than not your potential employer will be looking for experience and it can be a vicious circle trying to gain it. It can be hard if you’re working full time trying to gain any experience and it may mean eating in to your leisure time, but it will be worth it in the end. Look online for a list of your dream companies and email them offering your services for free, explain that you’re looking for work experience and you’d love to help out in their office, in the hope of picking at their brains and honing in on their skills.

#2 Skills Upgrade

You’ve got the degree, and you’ve worked in the industry for a while but it’s a face paced world that we live in and you’re starting to look a tad rusty in comparison to other candidates. It’s time to update your skills, whether it’s enrolling on a computer course, attending a workshop in your area of interest or completing an online module, they all look exceptional on your CV. They show prospective employers that you are dedicated to your on-going learning and can step you up to the next level, meaning there’s no longer a gap on your CV for your desired position.

#3 Education

You may have worked in your industry for years and have gained all your skills and knowledge by experience and on the job learning; however you don’t have the paperwork to prove it. Some employers are incredibly fussy when it comes to being certified in your industry, so filling your career gap by enrolling on an educational course can help you on your way. Educational courses can open all sorts’ doors for your future career; updating your knowledge, making you think out of the box and enabling you to meet new people.

#4 Networking

Sometimes it’s not what you know but whom you know and if you don’t ‘hang around’ in the right circles then you may never get to your desired destination. Joining an industry networking group or regular industry events will ensure you get your name out there, and don’t be afraid to put the networking events on to your CV, this will show your dedication to the cause inside and around work.

#5 Going for Promotion

You could have all the desirable attributes and your CV gap is pretty small, so why don’t you have your dream job? If you don’t put yourself forward your peers may have no idea of your aspirations. If there’s a promotion coming up, apply for it, and if not make those around you aware you’re looking for a promotion, if they can’t offer it, it may be time to move on.

Whether your dream job is an IT Business Analysis or Testing Analysis, carrying out a full Gap Analysis on your CV can help get you there.

Author Bio: Leah Jarratt is a regular guest writer for Cititec, human recruitment for a technical world.

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