Dear Healthy Chardonnay

Dear Healthy Chardonnay

Everyone knows the effect of wine, and the health benefits which com with it. Drinking red wine is great for blood and heart diseases, but why isn’t anyone talking about the white wine and its benefits? Rest assured that white wine is as healthy as red wine, if not even healthier; especially Chardonnay, which is one of the finest white wines out there. So what is it that everyone needs to know about the benefits of white wines and, in this case Chardonnay?

Dear Healthy Chardonnay

Antioxidants in Abundance

Same as the red wine, white wine is rich in flavonoids which are the antioxidants which keep the blood healthy and pure, preventing many heart and cardiovascular diseases. It keeps your heart healthy and it reduces the risk of heart attacks by assisting with anti-clothing of the blood. It raises the natural level of HDL cholesterol and increases the blood flow. Chardonnay also improves the bone density by increasing the absorption of antioxidants.

Prevents Cancer

Believe it or not, but many studies have shown that Chardonnay is good against cancer in general and breast cancer prevention. Also, a glass of Chardonnay per day can save many women from ovarian cancer. Rest assured ladies, that one glass of Chardonnay can be a game changer.

Dear Healthy Chardonnay

Diabetes 2 Regulator

If consumed in a moderate dose, Chardonnay will regulate and prevent diabetes. In the process, one’s immune system will become stronger and more resilient to diseases. Feel free to eat as many candies as you wish, as long as you pour it with a glass of great chardonnay from Jims Cellars.

Stay Fit and Lose your Extra Weight

Believe it or not, but a glass of Chardonnay is great at helping and improving your diet. You can replace the energy you take from juices with a glass of Chardonnay, and have the same results, plus all the healthy benefits which come along with this amazing white wine. Of course, do not exaggerate in its consumption for the best effects are achieved in moderate consumption.

Kill the Hangover

Drinking white wine, especially Chardonnay will reduce nausea, irritability and most of the symptoms of hangover. The reason is the lower amount of congeners found in white wines, compared to the high amount found in red wines. It does sound silly, but drinking alcohol can reduce the effect of a hangover.

Dear Healthy Chardonnay

Nutrition Bomb

No one ever wondered why Chardonnay is the only alcoholic beverage used by bodybuilders. The secret lies in its rich content. Indeed, Chardonnay is rich in potassium, phosphorus, and fluoride. These are all of the crucial elements which help you maintain a healthy body, and are all found within a single glass of this wine. I bet you didn’t know that one.

Grow old but look young

If you ever wanted to find an elixir which enables you to stay young, Chardonnay is the right thing. Scientists have discovered that drinking Chardonnay and some other white wines activates the gene Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1), which helps in slowing the ageing process. This is a new discovery, since up until recently scientists believed that only wines rich in resveratrol stimulate this gene.

White wine in general is known to lower men’s mortality rate, since it prevents many strokes and heart diseases. Chardonnay is also known to help reduce the level of bacteria which cause peptic ulcers. So the next time you visit your local wine cellar, think about your wine choice. Don’t be a snob who thinks that red wine is the only healthy wine just because you heard someone say it. Do the research before purchasing a wine, and you will see that there are many buried secrets concerning white wines, or in this case Chardonnay.

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