Definitive Guide To The Best Cars Of 2015

Every year manufacturers are throwing their money and power into designing and developing the car of the future, and 2015 just might be the year that a lot of them succeed. From increasing hybrid technology to make cleaner, more fuel efficient transportation, to sleek automobiles that make you feel great as you cruise down the street, to the most comfortable and family friendly rides around, here is a list of the best cars to watch out for in 2015. After you’ve browsed the list and find yourself wanting a new vehicle for the New Year, you can take some time to find out if there is a car finance plan that will work for you.

Luxury Vehicles

Audi and Mercedes are the clear luxury winners of the year. With the C-Class Saloon, Mercedes created a vehicle that improves 20% on the efficiency of their previous model (and a hybrid version that will soon be released). Additionally, it’s a beautiful design that has the luxurious interior you expect from Mercedes as well as a suspension system that ensures smooth sailing. Meanwhile, Audi’s TT Coupe is a slightly sleeker version of the previous models (which were also incredible vehicles). LED headlights and a digital screen that replaces dials help make this car feel fresher and more modern than a lot of its competitors.

Best Cars for the City

If you live in a city center, then your desires in a car are about functionality. CarBuyer picks out the best city cars available and names the Hyundai i10 Hatchback as their number one car for urban dwellers looking to get around with ease and style. With 65.7 mpg and incredibly low CO2 emissions, it’s got everything that that you want to be conscious of driving on city streets. As well as a compact design that allows for an interior which still feels roomy.  For those that really want to go for style and brand recognition, the Volkswagen up! Hatchback offers a reliable and roomy city car that’s got a lot of the advantages of their ever popular Golf model.

Best Cars for the Value

The Telegraph recently counted down their list of the best value cars to buy and run, and their picks are hard to ignore. At the top of the list is the city car Kia Picanto with an estimated total monthly cost of £254.24, it’s a great buy that affords its drivers all the best aspects of a city car for much less than some of the other more stylish competitors.

For family sized vehicles, they’ve chosen the Skoda Octavia, which comes in a hatchback version that’s roomy enough for the whole family along with special features that make driving easier and safer like parking sensors, cruise control, and even a reverse view camera. With estimated monthly costs at £447.16, it’s a great deal that will make family travels that much better.

For their luxury category, they’ve also chosen Audi, but this time the sleek A6. Which offers Audi’s classic design, polished interior, and superior driving performance. With monthly costs estimated at £746.76, you’ll pay for the luxury of this luxury vehicle, but for many it’s worth every penny.

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