Dental Veneers – Learn What They Are & What They Do

Dental Veneers – Learn What They Are & What They Do

As times passes, people are getting more conscious about their appearance. As a matter of fact, plenty of men today are being sold male versions of hygiene products that were originally dedicated to women such as facial foams and cleansers, lotions, waxing kits and intimate wash soaps. Moreover, more and more people are getting conscious about their dental hygiene as shown by the number of corrective and enhancing services that the average dentist offers today. For that reason, many dental procedures have already come out with the objective of addressing people’s concerns about the structure of their teeth; one of which, is dental veneers. What are dental veneers and what are the advantages? Read on to learn more about this procedure.

Dental Veneers – Making a Smile More Complete

You must have met people that have hug gaps in their teeth. While some of these gaps get corrected through braces, some are almost irreversible. Veneers are thin shells of translucent composite of porcelain resin that are placed over one’s tooth to improve its shape, color, and overall structure. Dental veneers have an instant and complete effect on one’s smile. This is the reason why many call it instant orthodontics. Apparently, it can address many dental issues in one corrective procedure including, crooked teeth, gapped teeth, chipped teeth, permanently stained teeth, and stained fillings.  While dental veneers sure can address many dental issues, a dentist will tell you it cannot correct problems related to the misalignment of the jaw.

Dental Veneers –  Learn What They Are & What They Do


There are many different dental procedures nowadays that address difficult dental problems. However, it remains a frightening thing for some individuals to visit their local dentist due to the discomfort related to some of these procedures. With dental veneers however, that will not be an issue. One of the advantages of dental veneer placement is that it is generally painless. Veneers are very quick to apply with only some slight discomfort that is nonetheless tolerable to any patient. Veneers are also generally durable. However, longevity still depends on the material used. Porcelain is a popular option nowadays. It is said to be the most durable of all, and can actually create a life-like, natural tooth appearance. Veneers also resist stains, which is good for people who love coffee, for example. We all know that coffee is one of the most common causes of teeth stains. Hence, with dental veneers, a person can have all the coffee he or she wants to have – and any other tooth-staining food for that matter – and not care about any stains on his or her newly treated teeth. Unlike its earlier counterpart, dental crowns, dental veneers are actually a more conservative procedure; meaning it does not take much of the tooth off during the process. The dentist will only remove a small amount of the affected tooth and apply the corrective veneer as fill in the rest of the corrective procedure.

Times have definitely made people more conscious and mindful in obtaining better oral health. Dental veneer placement is proof that technology adapts with people’s naturally evolving need for better health and improved physical appearance.

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