Designer Chic: 6 Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Incorporating style into a kitchen is recognized as an important way of adding value to a home. A chic design adds freshness and flare to the room, encouraging imaginative baking and creative stewing. Wipe away a bland kitchen by integrating homespun influences and chic accents. Take a peek at six remodeling ideas that are sure to transform a boring kitchen into a chic cooking space.

Designer Chic: 6 Kitchen Remodel Ideas

1. Balance the New and Old

Decide whether your design will express modern values or a retro look. Remodeling for a contemporary layout involves less thought and effort to blend modern appliances. They slip right into present-day setups without forethought. On the other hand, a more laid-back design takes time and vision to blend the new and old. A farmhouse theme won’t fit in with a stainless steel refrigerator, meaning planning is required to choose accents, color schemes, and appliances.

2. Account for Lighting Choices

Opt for recessed lighting and contemporary fixtures when striving for that modern layout, but exchange this concept for attractive wall sconces if your kitchen is targeting a shabby chic design. Additionally, small kitchens feel cramped. Open up space by remodeling the windows, opting for window frames that maximize natural light. Partner practical thinking with artistic interpretation, installing stylish windows and different shutter frame styles that are attractive and mounted with a louver mechanism to control sunlight at the brightest time of the day.

3. Texture and Fabrication Pitfalls

Yet another way to increase the way light radiates in a small space is to ensure you install materials that reflect and filter light in pleasing ways. A kitchen painted in flat browns and dull steel will project drab tones, but a kitchen outlined in reflective marble and glossy wood will magnify the warm radiance of outdoor lighting, amplifying interior luminosity with lustrous reflections and refracted hues.

4. Plan the Layout with Artistic Flair

Avoid imbalance in the space and aim for a full flow of fresh energy. If one end of the space is cluttered with stools and tables and the other part of the room is starkly bare of features, a nasty clashing of styles arises. The kitchen is neither minimalist in its appeal nor kitschy in its accented layout. An interior designer can often combine such styles, but it’s best to target one or the other, setting a goal for the final look.

5. Emphasizing the Cool Factor

Keep kitchen remodeling simple and subtle when designing your cool kitchen. An abundance of light fixtures or background kitchen utensils will only make the area look crowded. Think of refined influences instead, fitting a single pendant light over a marble counter-top. Stun visitors to the kitchen by demonstrating your skilled placement of isolated details that complement each other. Cream colored shelving, drawers, and glass-fronted cupboards are one example of this line of thinking, as is the nuanced shade created by a single hidden spotlight.

6. Marry Functionality with Design

Add counter space and fit a new backsplash, but forget about preconceived notions about sacrificing style for function. Hardware stores sell a number of high-quality kitchen fixtures for you to mix-and-match. Visit the store and use a few of these faucets and counters as seeds for your final design. Sub-categorize the ideas to help manage a shortlist of final possibilities, separating the list into materials, floor plans, fixtures, appliances, and color palettes.

Home living has changed. Today’s kitchen is a central gathering space for socializing at the start and end of the day. Add to this the fact that modern kitchens are breaking the mold to embrace a more open-plan appearance, and it’s easy to see why remodeling is such an important issue for homeowners.

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