Designing For Branding A Company

Have you ever seen a website where home page has a style which is completely different from its service page? The chances are low because no one will be ready to risk their branding factor, especially in a business world where competition is excessively high. So, if you are a designer, it is important to understand that how good or how bad a design is not the only factor, you also have to bring in a lot of other spectrum, which the website may require.  You need to think-

  •   Whether the design synced properly with the company theme
  •  Whether the design successfully represented the company belief
  •   Whether the design communicated the company message to target audiences

A web design can add lot of value to the company branding; so if you are designing one don’t turn the site into a scrapbook.

It’s All About Branding

The concept of branding aimed at drawing loyalty, familiarity and memory of the consumers towards the company. This is not the want of the management or the designer but it relies on the perception of the audience. Hence, as a designer you need to find out what the consumer is thinking. If it is a web design for Colchester based company, you can do a market research of the place and find out their views on the company. After receiving the audience reaction implement it into the design. Now that is branding!

Consistency for Branding

The moment you are able to capture the mind of the viewers and create a place, the branding is done.  Most importantly, maintaining a consistency is very important in web designing. Being a designer you need to keep in mind the look of the company and create the design. If this is a renowned company, you will be designing a style according to the prevalent ones. On the other hand, if this is not an established brand then work with the existing views of the company. Consistency helps a company to maintain its recognition among the audience, which in turn to push sales figures without even taking the support of the marketing or advertising plans.

Consistency in Design

Creating just a logo or a letterhead is not the only thing about branding. If you want to create quality design with longer brand impact, then it must disseminate company perception. For instance, if the brand is known for offering excellent sport gears, then the design must show it. Your idea, style and every element you use in the design must express that feeling. Anything that can easily relate to the company must be used by the designers. In case, your client has been in the business for quite some time, try to create something keeping in mind with the company’s existing structure. Your creativity has to be incorporated to present the same old thing with new touch.

So, if your design has to connect to the concept of branding, knowledge of designing is not the only thing you need to consider. It is a combination of essential factors that finally create a design, which the consumers remember for long.

Robin has been keeping a note on the company that offers web design in Colchester. He is into web designing as well and prefers to keep himself updated to the latest trends in the market.

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