Did You Know That There Are Robots Who Write On Wikipedia?

Alarm among users of the free encyclopedia article after it was discovered that one million Swedish version is edited by a computer program

This article is written by a person of flesh and blood. But if you sail you through the pages of Wikipedia in Sweden could you find an article made ??directly by a robot.

Increasingly, Robots are Replacing the Editors

Did You Know That There Are Robots Who Write On Wikipedia

Almost half of the entries in this platform are written by software , called “bots” that crawl the Web for new data sources that collect and generate texts adapted to the Wikipedia format . Most ‘Wikipedians’ accept this fact without resignation, since robots increasingly are replacing the editors of this enciclipedia.

As itself says Wikipedia , “some employees are allowed to use user accounts marked as” bots “. These accounts are used in order to run on the system whose function is to simplify programs or fully automate tasks. ” These are usually the hiperenlazar Wikipedia pages in other languages ??and correct faults, among others.

Articles Poor

But the controversy comes after the free encyclopedia founded in 2011 by Jimmy Wales had announced the publication of his article a million in the Swedish version . This is an entry that speaks of a species of butterfly called Erysichton Elaborata and has been written by a robot to sign with the name of “Lsjbot»

If in Sweden celebrate this article as a great milestone, some Wikipedia users from other countries receive the news with a mixture of concern and anger because articles like this have little text , refer few details and are loaded with links to other pages. The original data indicates only that the species exists and makes no mention of their appearance or habitat.

Wikipedia editor Lennar Guldbransson responds to criticism and admits that the information, in fact, are quite poor asserts that all need community approval for publication. While long articles although not necessarily be best, always contain a greater amount of information.

Starting Point

Wikipedia notes that these pages are mostly written by robots a good starting point for people who want to add additional article sources , update and ultimately, improve it, a fact that has happened with the entry itself dedicated to Erysichton Elaborata after a added editor to their place of origin and a reference to the east coast of Australia.

In the Netherlands 57% of the articles are written by “bots”

For smaller versions of Wikipedia these text automatic generators can be of great help , as with the Polish and Dutch encyclopedia. In the Netherlands 57% of the articles are written by “bots”.

Currently, the Dutch encyclopedia has about 1.6 million articles and is in the second place finish in different languages. In the first place the English, with 4.2 million items, and the Spanish is in sixth place with 1,023,823 valid content pages.

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