Do’s & Don’ts While Buying Body Stockings

Do’s & Don’ts While Buying Body Stockings

Body stockings are one-piece types of lingerie that hug the curves of the body and like any lingerie item they come in all sorts of materials and designs. If a woman has to settle for a single piece of lingerie then the body stocking is the frontrunner in sex appeal.

While body stockings look stunning and there is a body stocking out there for every woman, finding the right one is not always easy. Part of the problem is that there are very few clear guidelines on what one should look for in a body stocking and what one should avoid!. Whenever you are buying body stockings online, you should check following criteria.


Body stockings come in all materials from fishnet with large holes to opaque lycra. The sheer body stockings tend to be a favourite since they have the same effect as pantyhose does and lace stockings are intensely feminine. That said there are also the adventurous options of leather and latex to consider.


The most common colours in body stockings remain black, white and nude with reds and pastels also readily available. The neutral colours can easily be worn as substitutes for underwear and have the advantage of serving as seamless body shapers.


While body stockings can come as formfitting unitards, they also have design options for sleeveless or half sleeved, open back or closed back, varying necklines and so on. There are also peekaboo and crotchless body stockings.

Do’s & Don’ts While Buying Body Stockings

What should your Body Stocking do?

The body stocking you pick should make you feel sexy – which really means that the body stocking cannot be pinching you in awkward places, the colour and style has to be appropriate for the situation and you have to feel comfortable in it.  Now  you can purchase bodystocking online too from PrivyPleasures.

It should also make you look sexy – the pattern and fit has to suit your body; it can’t be the wrong size and it should complement the areas of your body you want to highlight.

Fortunately body stockings are not expensive so you can experiment with the styles and cuts that appeal to you! Regardless, there are some things you should pay attention to before picking up your first body stocking.

Do’s before you Buy

Do try on the body stocking before you purchase it. If you are buying a body stocking online then check for return policies. Keep in mind that a body stocking is considered an intimate purchase and most places do not accept returns.

Do be clear on where and how you want to wear the body stocking. Where a crotchless lace body stocking may be a great segue from an intimate conversation to the bed, it is not particularly comfortable under a suit at work. Similarly an opaque lycra body stocking is a wonderful substitute to underwear during the day but may not be the most enticing of lingerie.

Do keep in mind how often you intend to wear the body stocking. Fishnet is not the most durable of materials.


Don’t purchase the one-size-fits-all version of any body stocking if you are a size 12 or above. Body stockings are typically available in two size: one-size-fits-all and queen-size. For those of us in the size 12 to 14 range the queen-size is often the better bet because the last thing we want is for the body stocking to emphasize any slight bulge. This is not true of all styles of course but it means that you either try the body stocking before purchase or err on the side of caution.

Don’t try to put on a body stocking as if it were an adult onesie! The body stocking is a delicate piece of lingerie and needs to be worked on much like fragile stockings.

Don’t buy any lingerie based on how it looks on the model in the picture. Most likely the photograph has been edited and you want your body stocking to look good on you not on a model.

Simply put though, do buy what looks and feels good!

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